Heart of the Corazón Jungle


Population : 1100

A relatively insignificant-seeming village located in the depths of the Corazón Jungle, Tuadann is the official “capital” of The (Territorial) District of Corazón, and its largest population center.


Tuadann Nova Village

Like most villages in the Corazón Jungle, Tuadann is fairly self-sufficient. They grow their own food, make their own clothing and tools, and build their own dwellings. They produce their own tobacco and beer , which is pretty much the only entertainment for most locals. The local iron smiths make most of their own metal implements and tools, importing only weapons (automatic rifles being the most popular), ammunition, salt and kerosene.

Until recently, Tuadann has been a collection of several dozen wooden, dirt-floored houses, each occupied by a single clan of simple farmers, hunters and gatherers. In addition to producing tapica, pork and chickens, the local economy seemed dependent upon the production of several hundred kilos of opiates each year, which was practically the only trade good they were able to produce for essentials that cannot be made locally.

Starting in 3026, soon after the village’s designation as the capital of the newly established territorial district, the village began to adapt to its contact with the outside world. The first improvement locally was the import of numerous “colonial” prefab housing units, followed closely by prefab buildings for a school, an armory and a small clinic, and clearing a large central area for crop fields. The inclusion of a number of wind generators, gave the town its first regular access to electricity, and brought a general improvement in health and access to modern water purifiers, as well as several small-scale workshops for tool and equipment development and repair.

One notable portion of the village, is its walled “Nexu Research Center”, little more than a small complex near the generators, where funding from the Iron Dingoes * “The Skunkwerks” has led to a research center raising and domesticating the local Nexu into useful companions for its military. As a spin-off to this research, there is a small, dedicated number of veterinary medics who operate from the facility, and a small helicopter pad that receives regular contact with the Dingoes, and operates as their primary access to the outer world. Doctor Elsa Kast has been slated to eventually take over this research center for * “The Skunkwerks”.

Tuadann also controls several smaller, nearby villages directly, with Tuadann acting as the central market and political capital. Each support village has a council, and sends their representatives to deal with Warlord Varsha Arkadjian and request help in their own efforts. Varsha Arkadjian also leads their collective military force in defense of the region, as well as in hunts against particularly difficult Nexu and other predators. Effectively, the combined military of the region is the military of Tuadann.

As the central market of The (Territorial) District of Corazón, and its noted capital, Tuadann has become an increasingly marketable location. Its citizens are reasonably secure, and has begun reorganizing its farming and animal raising techniques. With a general improvement among the medical and educational standards of her people, Warlord Arkadjian has begun to examine the potential of the region for industrial developments.

In 3037, the community imported several Jamerson-Ulikov Water Purifier systems, and began wider-scale cultivation of soy and some limited pork and cattle ranching. A small sustainable bio-fuel processor was built, an irony in its origins from oil money, and Blue Planet Utility Services had a notable presence in the region, operating with the Warlord’s blessing as they attempted to install local water and green power systems among the scattered communities under her control. It was forecast that by 3045, the entire district would be independent of outside water and power systems, and a closer look at its connections with the outside world would be examined.



Tuadann 3029

The exact origins of the people of the jungles are still subject to much speculation. They speak a dialect of Spanish unique to the region, but are also of obvious Taurian descent. They have several cultural traditions that are also unique to the region, including oddly religious mannerisms and often referring to themselves as being “…of the Tribe…”.

Until recently, the local chief was Honzo Arkadjian, considered a powerful leader and a good war chief. In his bid to gain even more power in the Corazón Jungle, he had made a deal with the mercenary Mech pilots and soldiers of The Oriental Republic of San Isabel, who were based from Brightwater Base. Following their defeat and retreat back to the south, he was over-thrown by his daughter Warlord Varsha Arkadjian who used a lance of Mechs from * “The Dead Man’s Hand” to take control of the local village council and its warrior band. Varsha Arkadjian is now the leader of Tuadann and its affiliated villages.

In late-3024, the village was made the capital of The (Territorial) District of Corazón, a recent addition to the territory claimed by The New Republic of Sangria, which has risen as a new regional power. Its expansion in 3026 cemented this position, as literally millions in hard currency began pouring into its coffers in oil revenues. These changes improved the local’s standards of living in many ways, but also began a technological renaissance of sorts that has led to a great deal of independence in their maintenance and repair capabilities.

By the mid-3030s, the local government turned to feeding and educating its population. The village and surrounding region had become a self-sufficient agricultural and industrial center to the point that in late-3039, it was a showcase in what could happen with proper funding and the drive to make positive change among the people of the Corazón Jungle.

In the 3040’s, the tribe concentrated on absorbing the new Marabitanas territories, and building its industrial capabilities, importing new metal forges and electrical equipment to improve its independence from outside production. Today, the small metal smelters and foundry have led to a resurgence of small-scale equipment and weapons manufacturing in the community.

The village today is the center of a small, allied realm that is the provincial capital of a large and growing force of auxiliary troops and has begun developing the resources available to the region, largely in the form of timber, along the edges of the jungle, but also rare medicinals and tobacco, but has recently come under the attention of the world for potentially untapped oil resources along its fringes.


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