Type 74 "Buffalo" Hover Truck

Logistics Support Hover Truck


Type 74 “Buffalo” Hover Truck (10 tons)

Power Plant : Commonwealth 60 ICE
Cruise Speed : 108.2 kph (10)
Flank Speed : 162.8 kph (15)

Armor : Buffalo Iron Plate (Armor Factor 24) : 1.5 tons
Front – 6
Right Side – 6
Left Side – 6
Rear – 4
Turret – 2

Armament :
One (1) 20mm Deadwood “Metal Storm” LMG (Turret)
Ammo (MG) : 100 (Body)
Cargo (1.5 tons) (Body)

Communications System : Maxell 500
Targeting & Tracking System : Wasat Aggressor
Manufacturer : Shebba Transport, System – Claybrooke (Free World’s League)

Notes: Life Support, Tactical Radio (30 km Secure), Lo-Rez Radar (6 km). Command units possess Satellite Uplink Radio (250 km Secure).


Overview : Logistics and supply is the heart of any military force, and the proper deployment of supplies to front-line forces as well as isolated outposts is a determining factor in the success of any military endeavor. The Type 74 Hover Truck is a rugged and highly capable means to fulfill these mandates.

Capabilities : For defense, the Hover Truck is typically armed with a single 20mm Vulcan gun, traditionally the Deadwood Special “Metal Storm” Light Support Machine Gun produced by Deadwood Industries of Claybrooke mounted on the turret, primarily for anti-infantry defense. The standard ground mobile team consists of a pair of Hover Trucks, and these units are deployed all across Claybrooke from the urban centers to the southern swamps.

Utilizing a simple passive ground radar suite to identify targets outside viewing range, the Type 74 Hover Truck was also equipped with a powerful communications system to penetrate low levels of ECM jamming. The Hover Truck was also designed with an open cargo bed for the transportation of supplies and ammo.

Deployment : The Type 74 Hover Truck was designed as a support vehicle assigned to the local planetary ground combat units to provide them with transport and logistics support. Its simplicity of design added to its durable nature, has maintained its production for over a century. Their durability and simplicity of design has led them to be popular among nearby arctic and other desert worlds within a jump or two of the planet.

Variants : Among the most common variants is an APC model, that encloses the cargo bed with an armored compartment, and converts it into a typical Hover APC. This unit can haul a complete assault infantry squad, plus extra equipment and personnel, such as scouts and their hover cycles.

Other variants use the same basic chassis, armored as an APC, but add an advanced surface-to-orbit and long-range communications system, as well as seats for command personnel, and convert the assault cabin into a command area with advanced C&C equipment. This variant also usually has provision for emergency medical equipment.

Type 74 "Buffalo" Hover Truck

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