Universidad Nacional de Sangria, Garcia (UNS-G)

Ciudad Garcia's College


Universidad Nacional de Sangria, Garcia (also called “Sede Corazón”), is a public, coeducational, research university, and is still considered a satellite campus of the National University of Sangria System. This comprehensive college is located in the city of Ciudad Garcia, and almost 1200 students can attend the main campus, though traditionally the facility has always been under-staffed and under-attended.


Programs : Offering both Certificate and Trade programs, the local branch has now begun offering a full two-year education beyond the initial year of study, as an option to gain a full diploma. The increase has not pressured local teaching resources much, as the facility was always under-attended, and the influx of many instructors from both abroad and from the former national San Succi branch, have given it many resources to offer these programs.


Administrative Office Management
Business Administration
Commerce & Management Administration
Communication Studies
Criminal Justice
Outdoor Leadership
Human Services
Information Tech
Medical Office Assistant
Practical Nursing
Social Work
Visual Communications


Automotive Service Tech
Power Engineer Tech
Heavy Equipment Tech

Libraries : One library serves the campus; the “Vesuvas Bracken Library” on the main campus was built in 3006. The library is the living embodiment of knowledge in the district, housing nearly 60,000 print and non-print resources. With the chaos striking the rest of the nation, it has become one of the only such repositories remaining in the nation. Such things as its mechanical and electrical textbooks, maps, old colonial records and the like are irreplaceable. Nearly everything, however, is written in Spanish.

Sports : The college maintains a highly-rated soccer team, the Rock Pythons. It competes nationally and performs rather well.

Books and Supplies : Required course materials are available through a distribution center on-campus, “The Python’s Den”, offering them as a package to each required course. While expensive, they are an integral part of the educational experience, and students are strongly suggested to check with their instructors to ensure proper package details are available. In addition to traditional supplies, many Rock Python goods and souvenirs are available for purchase, with proceeds supporting the popular college sport’s team.

Food and Catering : On campus food and catering is provided by “Shooting Star Events”, a Ciudad Garcia company with years of food service experience. The local Students’ Association also provides food and licensed service in “También” (Spanish : “Crave”), the college campus pub and grill. The central cafeteria offers daily specials, and is open for both catering of light lunches and business meeting snacks, and is popular for college, public and private events. There are also two O’ Coffee shops offering students on-campus access to quick snacks and the ever-present need for coffee.

Recreation Facilities : In addition to the traditional weight and training equipment available through the Fitness Center, the local campus provides equipment rentals, towel services and showers. The central gymnasium, known as “The Snake Pit”, can seat 1000 spectators, plus an additional 500 through pull-out bleachers. On campus are also a series of soccer pitches and tennis courts.

Theatres and Galleries“Eresman Teatre” : This central theatre seats over 500 in fixed chairs, providing an exceptional venue for music, theatre, dance and community presentations. It is noteworthy as the center for the college’s increasingly renowned Conservatory of Music and Dance, acting as the cultural hub of the community.

The Cultural Hall : Home to the college’s Conservatory of Music and Dance, the hall includes a Recital Hall (seating 100 in an intimate setting), rehearsal rooms, music studios, exhibition gallery, and various art studios. Many local clubs employ these areas for personal and private efforts. “The Studio Shop”, in the foyer, displays original art and crafts and has items for sale made at the centre. The shop is cooperatively run by club members.

Artwork : As a part of the college’s Visual Arts program, artwork produced by students and instructors is on display throughout the campus.

Meeting PlacesLecture Halls : UNS-G offers several tiered lecture halls with fixed seating in addition to numerous traditional classrooms. These spaces are equipped with audio and visual equipment to support lectures and meetings. A single 130-person and two (2) 100-person auditoriums are available. In addition, four (4) 12-person flexible meeting rooms, that may be adapted to fit a variety of needs, are available.

Courtyard : Featuring a podium, phone line, screen, round tables and permanent seating for 72, this open and inviting area is popular for casual meetings. Catering is available.

The Cuervo (Sp – “Raven”) Room : Featuring 130 seats, podium, phone line, screen, whiteboard audio-visual equipment and local computer access. Popular for corporate meetings and training seminars, this facility is very busy, and requires at least a month’s notice to book. Catering is available.

Health Services : A walk-in clinic is available on-campus, providing medical services to students and faculty alike.



Main Campus Building

Universidad Nacional de Sangria, Garcia was established in 2973, in response to the development of the region’s industry. It has maintained a distinct part of the national education system throughout its history.

The development over the years of the 1000 Days War, from 3021 until today, however, has been the general lack of funding for the central and auxiliary branches of this august institution, and an almost exclusive funding of the local branch in Ciudad Garcia. Most of the reasoning has been the move of the capital to Ciudad Garcia, as well as its general rise in technological and industrial capability as those of the other branches has fallen. Today, this branch has become the defacto lead institution of the Universidad Nacional de Sangria, and leads the nation in most matters of civilian scientific and educational prowess.

Universidad Nacional de Sangria, Garcia (UNS-G)

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