Marine Combat Suit - "Voidsuit"

Standard Marine Combat Suit of the Federated Suns


The newest in Federated Suns Marine Combat gear, the “Voidsuit” is a cutting-edge technology used in their marine infantry operations. Difficult to acquire through legal channels, the suit is considered the best the Federated Suns can produce at this time.

Voidsuits are produced exclusively by the Federated-Barrett corporation, and while extremely expensive, its protection is only eclipsed by powered armor, a myth of the SLDF. It is designed to sheath its wearer as completely as possible with a high-durability ceramic body armor.

Item : Marine Combat Suit “Voidsuit”
Equipment Rating : D/E-E-D/D
BAR (M/B/E/X) : 4/5/5/2
Cost/Patch : 15,000/100
Affiliation : FS
Mass : 20kg
Coverage : Full

Notes : +2 to 0-G operations; May be sealed in hostile environments (provides 18-hours life support); Military Comm w/ 10km range (1 PPH); AV 10 vs Flash.

Variants : Common additions to the suit include Jump Packs for 0-G maneuvers and boarding efforts, and “Chameleon” variants, adding stealth equipment to allow Special Ops.

Jump Packs : This modification adds cost, weight and encumbrance, but allows units to deploy away from small craft and space vessels for short distances. Vital for assaulting DropShips and JumpShips.

Equipment Rating : D-A-C
BAR : 2/2/2/2
Cost/Patch : 3200
AFF : -
Mass : 30 kg
Coverage : Head, Arms, Legs, Torso

Notes : Encumbering; 1000 Fuel Points; 2 pts burned per 1m of flight. Max Flight = 150m per turn. Jump Mode: 150m max jump per turn (5 pts fuel burned per jump); Acrobatics/Freefall Skill to launch, land and jump.

Chameleon : A modification for Combat Environment Suits, is the popular “Chameleon” modification. It selectively bleeds heat to match background IR levels and effectively renders the wearer invisible to IR sensors; something very important to space-born assault troops. Known to techs as a “Chill Can”, the item also allows the suit to provide excellent protection in cold weather environments.

Equipment Rating : D-D-D
BAR : -/2/1/2
Cost/Patch : 7500
AFF : -
Mass : 5 kg
Coverage : Full

Notes : E/I/C – 6/6/4; Requires addition of an HC power pack (1 pt per 15 mins active).


First created in 2951, the Voidsuit is a military-grade marine combat armor designed to protect its wearer from ballistic trauma with hard armored plates made of complex polymers and ceramics, with a flexible body suit interwoven with thermal-dissipating membranes and bulletproof material. Early models of this armor were little more than plates mounted over standard space suits, but improved technology has led to the present model created as an improved, body-enclosed armored suit, with appreciably free movement and limited encumbrance for marine operations during ship boarding.

The combination of armor layers and proper maintenance, grants the wearer significant protection from most types of damage, including laser, plasma, ballistic and blast damage. Furthermore, its advanced designs and use of micro-servos and small support of myomers along the limbs, allows it to do so without the extreme weight of most modern combat suits of the 30th and 31st centuries. In summary, it provides outstanding service to units equipped with it, at comparatively low-weight but high-comfort levels.

Almost exclusively the property of military and special police forces of the Federated Suns, civilian ownership of this combat armor is highly restricted. Traditionally, a special permit is required for private ownership of the armor, though it is marketed in the Federated Suns without mentioning this fact.

A valuable item in military arsenals, the Iron Dingoes acquired 200 suits from a military supply officer in System – Outpost through questionable means. Its presence in the unit marks the space marine forces being deployed among the Iron Dingoes as either very wealthy, very well-connected, very skilled, or simply very lucky to deploy it among their line forces. It is an integral part of the Iron Dingoes “Voidstar” Marine Combat Field Kit.

Marine Combat Suit - "Voidsuit"

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