Iron Dingoes "Voidstar" Marine Combat Field Kit

Standard Marine Field Kit of the Iron Dingoes (3020)


The standard field kit of the Iron Dingoes Combat Marine is slightly different from many contemporary troopers; the kit uses a magnificent Marine Combat Suit, the Marine Combat Suit – “Voidsuit”, as its base, and also employs a cutting-edge high-tech pulse laser rifle, the M61A Combat System “Mattock”. The combination of excellent protection and respectable firepower, makes troopers equipped with this suit to be considered veteran or even elite quality forces.

In addition to the above armor and weapon, each trooper is issued with a small detachable backpack, modular bedroll, survival blanket, compass, electric lantern, utensils, collapsible cup, 10m of nylon cord, ground cloth, two personal medkits, and a combat knife. Armaments include a traditional backup M6D Personal Defense Sidearm, though most have also begun to employ their own personal sidearm (usually in heavy calibers). Shotguns and boarding sabers have also proven increasingly popular.

All marine units have quickly adapted to the M56 “Smartgun” as their primary support weapon, and every marine squad has been equipped with one of the weapons. The “Smartguns” have proven a decisive factor in boarding actions, quickly overwhelming lightly equipped pirates and civilian crews who do not expect such heavy support in the cramped corridors of a DropShip or JumpShip. For ammunition, each trooper is issued a pair of military-grade power packs, and multiple rechargers are available at the squad level.

When employed in a tactical situation against vehicles and BattleMechs, the units in possession of this field kit are considered to have the following tactical stats at the platoon/squad level.

Tech Base (Rating) : Inner Sphere (F-D-F)
Transport Weight : 3 tons
Equipment :
Primary Weapon : Either 28 or 24 M61A Combat Systems and 4 M56 “Smartguns”
Secondary Weapon : None
Armor : Marine Combat Suit – “Voidsuit”
Battle Value : 159

Platoon Type (Specialty) : Foot Infantry (Space Marine)
Ground MP : 1
Platoon Size (Squad/Platoon) : 28 (7/4)
Armor Divisor : 2
To-Hit Modifier (Range in Hexes) : 0 (0-5), +1 (6-7), +2 (8-10), +3 (11-12), +4 (13-15)
Maximum Weapon Damage (# of Troopers) : 23(28), 22(27), 21(26-25), 20(24), 19(23), 18(22), 17(21), 16(20-19), 15(18), 14(17), 13(16), 12(15), 11(14-13), 10(12), 9(11), 8(10), 7(9-8), 6(7), 5(6), 4(5), 3(4), 2(3-2), 1(1).


Formerly employing C80 Combat Environment Suits and L2 “Maser” Laser Assault Rifles, the “Starguards” have since been upgraded to very high-quality equipment, making the present Starguards a respectable force to be reckoned with. The addition of the M-56 Smartguns as the primary support weapon in mid-3022 proved particularly decisive as a force multiplier.

In addition to the “Voidsuit” and “Mattock” mentioned above, each trooper is equipped with the typical BDU employed by all other armed forces in the Iron Dingoes, the Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3023). This combat suit is intended for daily use and when not deployed in their heavier and encumbering exo-armors. Also, each “Voidstar” trooper is equipped with a formal SLDF-era uniform, kept in their quarters for deployment during important unit events. Each is an olive drab infantry and technical dress uniform, complete with gloves, high boots and cap. The sewn star of the SLDF is covered by the simple, but prominently placed Iron Dingoes unit patch over the left breast. This latter suit is employed in formal gathers and other high-profile events.

Following traditional Iron Dingoes acquisitive policies, the BDUs also have numerous hooks and clips for tools and extra pouches, that have proven useful during extended missions for cargo and ammunition, but are usually employed to gather salvage and loot.

Iron Dingoes "Voidstar" Marine Combat Field Kit

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