Iron Dingoes "Warlord Mk2" Field Kit

Heavy Assault (Prototype Experimental) Marine Armor


A prototype infantry field kit being studied for potential market sales in the Taurian Concordat, the original “Warlord” Combat Field Kit consists of a heavy suit of ballistic combat armor, an assault laser rifle, an automatic pistol and a shotgun, all designed by Five Rings Technologies. The suit, it’s visor and laser are all considered prototypes, and are unavailable in the open market.

This armor has been modified over a long period of time, to provide a full EVA protection particularly in vacuum-related encounters. Also somewhat of a prototype, it is unavailable on the open market, and less than a hundred suits exist. The Kuwashii VIsor has been integrated into a prototype HUD display using a unique polymer BattleMech canopy armor found on System – Sligo, that reduces the bonus to its combat, but still provides a distinct edge in combat. Furthermore, the heavy combat armor has made the suits encumbering, but very heavy for combat protection.

Combined, the suit provides excellent hard protection against vacuum, toxic environments and is very valuable as an assault combat armor. It is considered the pinnacle of Dingoes technology.

Equipment Rating : D-C-D
BAR : 4/6/5/4
Cost/Patch : 1600/50
AFF : Iron DIngoes
Mass : 22 kg
Coverage : Torso, Arms, Legs

Notes : Encumbering. Bonus +1 to target using its integral “Kuwashi Visor”, though its modification has made this weaker than its original design allowed.

Each field kit also includes both the Jump Pack and Chameleon options, provided under the Marine Combat Suit – “Voidsuit” description.


* “The Dingo Pack” technicians have modified this suit from it’s Five Rings Technologies designs, which originally consisted of a heavy suit of combat armor, but is unique in that it employs a HUD optical interface system to improve target accuracy.

The original Kuwashii Visor is unique, exchanging full protective capability for improved visibility and accuracy, and unencumbered mobility. Originally produced by Ariake Technologies from the Draconis Combine, this technology is proven, but generally dismissed as viable by troopers being asked to employ it. The visor actually granted its wearer a detailed “best guess” on its target’s location, including moving targets, based on their acceleration. This granted its wearer a bonus to targeting.

The armor itself consisted of very simple ballistic construction, using a ceramic weave and was composed of several separate pieces; chestplate, shoulders, arms and legs. The sheer weight of its thickness forces those wearing it to be chafed and generally fatigued, resulting in an encumbered state. Built into the armor plates, however, are biofeedback sensors granting a detailed description of the wearer’s physical status, including stress levels and heart-rate. The shoulder plates have been implanted with micro-servos to improve melee attacks, and the leg plates contain integral armored pouches for carrying extra thermal clips for its Tsunami Assault Rifle.

Iron Dingoes "Warlord Mk2" Field Kit

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