Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 128 - Hack the Planet

“One bee cannot build a hive; one ant cannot build a colony.”

Over the next eighteen months, the unit began its formal take-over of the government and military forces of * Duchy of Tharn.

The unit began expanding their holdings on-planet, establishing * Husky Heavy Industries and reforming their military development of * Manticora : Tharn Central Munitions. As a result of this, they started redesigning their planetary militia, the * Tharn Iron Legions, and reformed the * Iron Dingoes Guards “The Lantern Corps”. They also began converting the government from its paper-based bureaucracy into a more electronic-based bureaucracy.

The unit also began shipping its various infantry battalions from System – Dumassas to System – Gollere in an effort to integrate their two forces and modernize the local militias. As the months wore on, they were able to give these units some practical experience and encourage integration.

In early-3027, word came from the unit’s company Rockhopper Exploration, that The Trojan Dominion of Cortez was interested in providing various rare minerals to the unit’s burgeoning industrial developments, and that they were interested in joining The Commonwealth of Nations as an observatory member.

About a month later, the unit began examining the information from their “Project Info Salvage” started a couple years previously, that hinted in the existence of a depot for Drop- and JumpShips hidden somewhere in the Davion Outback. The group decided to investigate further, and took a quick trip to System – Tequila Beach, to ask after their contacts there.

Upon arrival, they met with Engineer Tia Sprang’s grandfather, and convinced him to do a little research into the topic, despite his reluctance. He eventually was able to give the unit the name of System – Montour as the possible source of these mysterious JumpShips. The unit promptly traveled along the border, eventually reaching this relatively insignificant system.

After some hard thinking, they remembered the holos they had recovered from many years earlier when they spent some time at System – Taurus dealing with one of Karl Lotjonen’s affiliated terrorist organizations, the “Neovolutionists”. Spending some time examining the holos, they identified the probable site as being in the rings of the furthest gas giant in the system, and they jumped nearby to find the debris field in its rings. They had uncovered the 309th AeroSpace Maintenance and Regeneration Group “The Boneyard”.

Recognizing that trying to ferret out valuable salvage among the entire ring system of the planet would take a major expedition, they noted the fact of its existence, and jumped back to System – Dumassas, with the intent to send a large and capable research force to hunt for any lost vessels or other hulls and salvage from the rings.

As 3027 drew to a close, the unit’s various contracts began to end, and by the beginning of the year, several of their units were re-assigned to new duties as these forces were made available once more.

With the return of * “The Dead Man’s Hand” to Dumassas, they were offered a pair of new contracts with House Davion. After negotiations, * “The Fold Fiends” took over Contract – Operation : “Thor’s Hammer”, while * “The Iron Dingoes” took Contract – Operation : “Purple Demon”. Preparations were made for the transfer of the unit’s garrison forces in * Landhold : Garrison, and the line units began to prepare for its transfer off-world.

And so a couple months into 3028, the unit began a series of new contracts, well-supplied and ready to fight whatever might raise itself against them.



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