Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech (Farscape) : The New Breed

Episode 5.5 - Event Horizon

“No. There is no escape. The gateway is open, and you are all coming with me! Do you see? Do you see?! DO YOU SEE?!”


August 15th, 3048 : System – Hlian : Gathering supplies and scavenging the Brazen Rover and the makeshift base built in the remnants of the Winchester-Class WarShip Princessa", the group begins their plans to bring the “The Scorpio Sidus” into full operation and escape the system.

The work takes many days, but eventually they manage to bring various systems into full operation, and scavenge a variety of equipment and cargo to bring with them.

September 2nd : After a couple weeks of hard work the group bring all systems on-line, and decide to jump back to wherever the original co-ordinates of the Scorpio Sidus had intended them to go. They succeed, but the resulting jump fries their own jump computer, leaving them stranded in a new unknown system.

This new system is located somewhere Rimward of the Inner Sphere. A military system, local coded communiques hint that their arrival was noted, but local efforts to find them are quickly abandoned. The local station beacon identifies the system as System – Farreach, and the unit takes the long, sixteen (16) day trip to the main planet in the better of their S-7A “Starbus”s, bringing half their cargo of small arms and munitions as a potential trade good.

September 19th : Reaching the central station of the system, the group pretend to be freelance merchants, and begin trying to gain information and barter their cargo to the local garrison. The society remains very martial, and although there is a small research facility and supporting civilian hierarchy, both are completely subordinate to the local military “Burrock Clan”. Again, the spartan society is very reminiscent of the Starlords – “The Brethren of the Void”, with which the group is passingly familiar. They discuss what they plan to do to acquire local currency and “assimilate” into this periphery society, moving forward.



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