Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 0 - Escape from the Ice Hook
"We were going insane from the boredom of nearly three weeks in transit from the Jump-point, when the first explosion against the hull resounded across the cell block..."

Roll Call :

Charles (Dana)
Alberto (Lyle)
Dominic (Lee)
Kanthto (JP)
Michael (Greg)
Mitch (Ralph)

While Still trapped in the Prisoner Module in the Ice Hook, we made friends with a old Janitor named Manny. While the IceHook descended to Claybrooke, it got boarded! Manny quickly came to our rescue, opening the door to our module and giving us directions to the cargo hold.
We bravely ambushed 2 Slavers in combat suits with our bare hands by dog-piling them while ripping there guns and helmets free. After they were taking care of we salvaged a cargo pod and quickly left.

Going up some little know entrances we went to the closest lifepod available. But Michael found a trap attached to the portal to the lifeboat, after a quick conference Dominic bravely removed the bomb and we fled into the LifeBoat. When the lifeboat disembarked the IceHook shuttered drastically as the airlock was still open! As the slavers left the IceHook we fell to the surface of Claybrooke crash-landing in a field. The group quickly gathered there possessions, salvaged a survival kit and fled the burning wreckage. As soon as we got barley 100 feet away the Life Boat EXPLODED! We quickly started marching to the nearest town as military helicopters and APV’s started to roam the area trying to find any survivors…

Mustered Out - The Marik Fringe
What would you do, if you'd lost everything you held dear, your family were imprisoned for your sins, and the entire nation called you traitor?

Mustered Out – A New Beginning

You are all former members of the 3rd Marik Milita regiment, sentenced to a future life of hard labor and dreading your present situation. You are aboard the Mule-Class Dropship “Ice Hook”, an ore hauler that brings new prisoners to Pilpala and hauls the ore mined by the prisoners back to the war industries in the Marik core worlds. You are accompanied by former Mechwarriors, a few Techs and even some of the other senior support troops, such as Scouts and Aerojocks. Some of you even have family and other dependents that were arrested and sent on ahead, since they share your “shame”.

History of the 3rd Marik Militia : “The mailed fist within the velvet glove”, the Marik Militia has been the backbone of the Free Worlds League since 2525, when the peace between House Marik and the Hegemony provided the League with access to advanced technology. The Free World’s troops were reorganized with fresh production-line Mechs. The 3rd Marik Militia went on to serve with distinction in the campaign against the Magistracy of Canopus during the Reunification Wars, forming the basis of the 6th Marik Militia with officers from the 3rd and captured war materiel from the Magistracy.

In the civil war of 2729-2734, the 3rd and 8th Marik Milita defected to the cause of Oliver the Ursurper, but following the peace settlement, Bertram granted the defectors amnesty, kept both units intact, and returned them to active duty (though most senior officers “retired”).
Following the collapse of the Star League and during the centuries since, the Marik Militia has had its share of successes and failures. Most noteworthy of them all, was their efforts in the “ComStar War” defending Berenson, Bordon and Van Diemen from invading Liao and Steiner forces. Nevertheless, the Marik Militia’s forces have declined in recent years, even as the Marik’s power over the League government has dwindled. Supply and maintenance issues have plagued the units, and regiment after regiment has fallen prey to this lack of attention and respect.

Anton’s War : As part of the 3rd Marik Militia, you were with Duke Anton Marik, when he made his bid against the League for the Captain-Generalship of the Free Worlds. Having served the Duke as his personal command for nearly a decade, you all knew him to be both fair and quite reasonably a better leader than his brooding brother Janos. Your entire unit defected to his cause at the outset of the conflict known today as “Anton’s War”, and wound up facing against your old comrades-in-arms.

In April 3014, the 3rd Marik Militia seized the Crusader plant on Bernardo, and then its sister Crusader plant in Ascunsion a month later. The 3rd was moving rapidly to secure the resources it would need in the coming war. Jumping to Suzano and then Kyrkbacken, they secured Zion Province for the rebel forces, and moved on to the edge of the Protectorate to take Sophie’s World from your companions in the 6th Marik Militia, dropping on-planet in Sept 3014.

The bitter and indecisive conflict for Sophie’s World was part of Janos’ attempts to delay the rebel forces long enough to gain the Parliament’s support; it succeeded. With no quarter asked or received, the fighting between the 3rd and 6th Marik Militias was the most violent in the entire conflict. The 6th received the support of the 1st Atrean Dragoons and the mercenary Head Hunters, tying the 3rd into a prolonged seige campaign for months. Only the arrival of two of Wolf’s Dragoons regiments in Oct 3014 shattered the 1st Atreans and sent the 6th Militia and Head Hunters retreating off-world, breaking the stalemate.

The attempts to flank Janos’ forces on Berenson in a drive to Irian failed, and when Wolf’s Dragoons were betrayed, and assaulted Anton’s main forces on New Delos in revenge, all units in the rebellion were thrown into chaos. Retreating to Bernardo for resupply in December 3014, and then to Park Place, the 3rd Marik Militia was finally trapped several months later by three seperate units; the 15th Marik Militia, the Stewart Dragoons and the return of the Head Hunters mercenaries. After two weeks of brutal fighting, the 3rd Marik Militia admitted there was no hope of further success, and surrendered on May 23, 3015.

The Aftermath : Janos Marik chose not to show the same clemency that Bertram had shown the 3rd Marik Militia centuries previously; he disbanded the entire unit, redistributed the bulk of its assets and Mechs to the 6th and 15th Marik Militias, and sent its senior officers to either execution or life as hard labourers in various prison planets near the Periphery. Convicted members had their titles and lands confiscated, their property converted to cash and the proceeds were used to hire Wolf’s Dragoons to bolster the borders with the Lyran Alliance, now weakened by the damages of the war. The regiment was further “…permanently disbanded and stricken forever from the Militia’s history…”. Its unit membership was sent to an obscure future as prisoners and meant to be forgotten.
Although these actions may have satisfied the Marik’s taste for vengeance, it also antagonized a number of other Militia units, many of whom sympathized with the conflict of loyalties felt by the 3rd. This undercurrent of discontent will likely remain very much alive among several of the Militia’s regiments for decades.

The Marik Misfits : Known officially as the 13th Provisional Company of the 3rd Marik Militia, your unit was a particular thorn in the side of Janos Marik’s troops. Most of your company were recruited just prior to the war, and come from a variety of sources and origins. Most of your technicians, pilots and other crews were also recruited with a mosaic past. Known for unconventional tactics, many of your troopers were given barely functional Mecha and vehicles, but proved skill over quality, by staying alive against the many forces arrayed against you. The lot of you were convicted and ordered to Pilpala, a prison planet on the crossroads to Liao and Canopus space.

A New Beginning : It is the end of your careers, and the beginning of new lives. Formerly proud members of the 3rd Marik Militia, you were part of the failed attempt to overthrow Janos Marik, Captain-General of the Free World’s League. You look around and find yourselves travelling with various fellow soldiers and junior officers, bound for the Periphery Prison Planet of Pilpala, and a lifetime of hard labour in the mines of its deep desert. And you all face the same question : “What will happen now?”.


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