Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 140 - Once More Into the Breach

“Conscience is but a word that cowards use,
Devis’d at first to keep the strong in awe:
Our strong arms be our conscience, swords our law.
March on, join bravely, let us to’t pell-mell;
If not to heaven, then hand in hand to hell.”

July 19th, 3030 : System – Dumassas :

Synopsis : While still on Terramatrix, the unit disburses some of their equipment to various forces, including their surprise gift of four (4) TLS-1B Talos and four (4) FLE-4 Flea to The Commonwealth Star Guards. The unit is also paid its back wages (until August 1st), and more consumables are procured through their on-planet logisitics chain. They decide to expand * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, building a MechWarrior studies wing. They also hold a quick memorial for Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith”, and all those troopers lost in the recent campaign.

Lastly, the unit discusses their future plans for the Battle Armor – Warhound, as the first prototype is declared operational. Seeing its value, the unit decides to (long-term) create “Claws” of five (5) troopers each equipped with these suits, as the standard “Super-Heavy” infantry of the Iron Dingoes. The unit then boarded their transports, burned to their JumpShips, and jumped out-system.

August 9th, 3030 : System – Gollere : While in-system, the unit organized expanding the local depot, funding an expansion at their holdings at the starport complex for a fair-sized Whippet Transport Lines facility. Governor Jenna Marcuro helps greatly in these matters, and takes over the project for them. The unit then met with Lady Kalique Abrasax, summoning her to their DropShips, where she gives them a quick run-down on matters as she understands them, in System – Pa’an. As informed as best they feel they can be, they spend a couple days organizing matters, and giving some of their forces a little local downtime, before again burning back to the jump-point and jumping out-system.


Lordhsip of Downdistrikt

August 15th, 3030 : Jumping in-system, the fleet holds it position, and after a short discussion, the unit decides to take the trusty old “Crimson Sands” along with * “The Werewolves”, and burn down to Pa-an, landing in the Downdistrikt ruins. At the site, they are met by local “authorities”, who answer their questions after the “proper papers” are in order, and relate what they know about the arrival of Ambassador Inara Serra some months ago, referring them to speak with the scavenger crew from Rockhopper Exploration that had been operating here over the last year, and whom had spent some time with them and seemed quite friendly. When the Rockhopper crew are met, they inform the “Ambassador” was headed to the Republic of Gallos. Pitbull orders them to pull-out and return back to Dumassas over the next couple weeks.


Republic of Gallos

Enacting a sub-orbital jump to the “capital” of the Republic of Gallos, they found the place a grubby little fishing town of a few thousand colonists. They quickly intimidate the local security forces, and locate Ambassador Serra, who is acting as the lover of one of the important local government Senators. After visiting with the good Senator Alcan, they agree to attend a dinner party to meet with the other important folk of the local government. That night, while the site is surrounded by a security force from the Werewolves, the unit leaders attend the social event, and Pitbull eventually meets with the Ambassador privately, and gets an in-depth run-down of the political situation on the planet. She advises, long-term, that the unit should try a “slow-burn” effort, as direct force against one of the locals could precipitate a full-scale resistance against Iron Dingoes interests on the planet, in particular among its two primary power factions, The Republic of Carcovaan and Carving.

After meeting with the various economic and political leaders of the nation-state of Gallos, Pitbull relates his ideas to the group and then proposes, moving forward, that the Republic could be a good friend of the Duke of Tharn, and offers to send troops and guns to help resist the efforts of The Republic of Carcovaan in the future. Senator Alcan agrees, noting that he was glad the Iron Dingoes hadn’t arrived in full force, as that would have likely ended poorly. The unit then packs-up, ordering Inarra to leave sooner, rather than later, and burns back to their JumpShips, eventually jumping out-system, and stopping back in Gollere once more.

Episode 139 - Homecoming

“An army can conquer a general, but no man can rob one of his ambition.”

August 16th, 3029, Basalt System, “Coventry Base Camp” :

Synopsis : Concluding their Contract – Operation : “Purple Demon”, and choosing not to extend it another six months, the unit left the Basalt System, and began the long trek back out to their holdings in System – Dumassas. Passing through several systems, including a couple of the core Golden Five Federated Suns worlds, the unit hears news of the 4th Succession War unfolding above and behind them along the borders.

Eventually, they reach the Filtvelt System, and taking the opportunity of its renowned war college, recruit a collection of failed officer candidates to fill-out some of their missing positions and plans for the future. In particular, they use the infantry squads to create a whole new subdivision, the 15th (Jump) Infantry Company – “Death From Above”, equipping them with some of their previously ordered Jump Pack. The unit reaches their landholds in Dumassas, just after the sphere-wide interdiction goes into place against the Federated Suns for their supposed “war crimes” of destroying the Sarna HPG.

Returnign to Dumassas in July of 3030, the unit then settles back into their old haunts, taking a week to conduct some downtime, procure needed consumables, and direct the funding of their landholds from the last couple years, as well as prepare expenses for the new year coming up. They decide to move forward on the possible invasion of System – Pa’an, and quickly loading up their forces begin the long burn back out-system.

Episode 138 - The House of Blue Leaves

“Soft, the snow falling
Steam spiraling from coffee
The slain cold and still”

Synopsis : August 8th, 3029 : The Iron Dingoes were dispatched as part of an ambush force against a counter-attack planned by House Liao’s reserve formations. The unit were to watch over the “Controssa” resource site on Basalt, one of six (6) supply systems along the line of attack into Confederation space, and respond to any breakthrough against the defenders.

After weeks of quiet on-planet, the system came under attack by the expected assault force, amounting to almost a full regiment of Mechs from several smaller units, supported by three (3) infantry regiments and four (4) armor regiments, more than double the forces assigned any other resource system, primarily because there were two sites to be destroyed on Basalt.

The invaders struck the lakeside depot in a traditional manner, with the infantry and hover armor regiments encountering a heavy armor regiment and light Mech regiment, that quickly tore into the lightly support troops, and eventually destroyed half the invaders before they could reach the warehouses, only to find them empty. Upon this discovery, the entire unit surrendered.


House Ijori

The Controssa site, the invaders deployed with two battalions of Mechs, two infantry and two armor regiments. Taking the ’Avalanche Drop" tactic of deploying almost directly into the defenses of the 4th Crucis Lancers, and the fight proved disastrous for both sides. Thus entangled, the sixteen Mechs of House Ijori landed directly from orbit, with only the Iron Dingoes to stop them.

The fight was brutally fast, and only a few seconds into the battle, it became apparent a Union-Class DropShip was landing directly on the site. House Ijori, noted for their suicidal and extremely angry response to being tricked as to the size of the defenders, and hearing the warehouses were empty, threw everything they had to destroy the Dingoes, but they were out-gunned and withered under the Dingoes assault.

At the conclusion of the battle, Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour” herself seized control of the DropShip, and found it to be a cargo conversion loaded down with technical support staff and cargo movers to facilitate what they thought was an easy smash and grab.


Wraith’s Demise

In a stunning reversal, Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith”, struck once in the head during the fight in his Atlas, stumbled and fell over, and a tree pierced his cockpit, killing him instantly. His death brought a blood-lust to the unit that matched the fury of House Ijori, and the Dingoes took the field.

The battle itself proved successful, having lured all the reserve formations available to House Liao into the six-system trap, and brought about a renewal of the attackers spirit over the next couple waves of the war.









Episode 137 - Dynasty

“All eyes on the stage
Together now we can turn the page
All will see the Dynasty”

“This globe is getting small
Touch one life and you’ve touched them all
Look and see a Dynasty.”

Synopsis : Due to several last-minute cancellations, this session was largely dropped. Instead, those in attendance began discussing the nature of the unit’s status and political position. Various “base-line” concepts were established, including * The Iron Dingoes Demesne as determined by Battletech – Dynasty Rules.

Episode 136d - The Omega Company : "The Final Countdown"

“We’re leaving together,
But still it’s farewell
And maybe we’ll come back
To Dumassas, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame
We’re leaving ground (leaving ground)
Will things ever be the same again?
It’s the final countdown
The final countdown.”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Bruce (Glamour)————————Atlas
JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Highlander
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Chris (Caboose)————————-Battlemaster
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Liam (Backdraft) -———————-Awesome

December 24th, 3028 : System – Northwind : Battered and worn, * “The Iron Dingoes” stared after those forces that were retreating from the remnants of the city headquarters, and Pitbull identified they were gathering in the ruins of a nearby industrial district. Taking stock of their damage, the mercenaries acknowledged they had succeeded in the basic tenets of their contract, and that while attacking the survivors might earn them more salvage, it might also destroy the unit and kill some of their pilots, due largely to their severe damage situations.

The group then decided to move forward and join the rest of the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT, Team Banzai, and their own technicians at “DropShip Row” at the starport. The battered remnants of the 5th RCT and Team Banzai were gathered, and Pitbull was called to attend a meeting of the surviving senior officers. During this meeting his opinion was requested by Major Scott Bradley, and they decided to stay a week, repair what they could, before deciding whether or not to flee the planet. The Christmas Week was a somber one, remembering lost companions and scrounging for armor, parts and supplies to bring as many forces into full operating status as they could.


At the one week mark, the unit had largely been rebuilt and it was obvious their enemies among the 5th Sword of Light, the 36th Dieron Regulars, and the Genyosha were prepping for one final push into the starport to seize their DropShips and finish the defenders off for good. As all sides braced for the impact, a call went over the intercoms… all four regiments of the Northwind Highlanders had arrived on-planet!

The four regiments landed all around Tara, and quickly chased the invaders away from the city, pushing fast and hard to force them from the planet. By the end of the day, House Kurita had retreated and the planet was saved. The Northwind Highlanders were here to stay.

The tale quickly spread of the entire mercenary group abandoning their contracts in Liao space in exchange for the offer of their traditional homeworld as a personal landhold by House Davion, something they had wanted for centuries. As a result it appeared the Liao border worlds had crumbled all across the Terran Corridor, and the third wave of Operation Rat looked to be in full swing.

The unit was given a full week to take some personal time, and as their contract was soon to be completed, there was a discussion regarding whether they should extend it. House Davion was interested, and soon negotiations began, extending the contract another six months. Meanwhile, the unit rebuilt several of their more damaged units using the Grey Iron Forge mounted in the “Relentless” third bay, bringing themselves back into full strength once more.

Word came from their other two contracts, Contract – Operation : “Thor’s Hammer” and Contract – Operation : “Bronco”, both of which were nearing completion, and both of which were being offered extensions. The Thor’s Hammer one had been a brutally short invasion of Buckminster, in which that unit had taken some infantry losses and lost their Warhammer, but recovered extensive infantry salvage in their attack on the capital. The unit chose to recall this unit, as it was located so far from their personal holdings on the Periphery, and by the time they returned to System – Dumassas, their other contracts would likely be complete. Bronco was extended, largely due to its favorable terms, and the seasoning it would give that infantry force.

In addition to repairs, the unit on System – Northwind were able to recover some salvage over the next few weeks, as the prize court released several pieces into their control, including the captured VND-1R Vindicator. Salvaging parts off several of these units, and selling the intact Vindy to the 36th Dieron Regulars. The unit were able to make contact with their own holdings out in the Periphery, and as February drew to a close, sent orders regarding expenditures on their holdings, and plans to expand both * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences and complete their plans for the starport in * Landhold : Garrison, along with other lesser expenditures. The unit were paid-out the first part of their contract, (and their other contracts) and were ordered to make preparations for the time extension and shipment off-world.

The unit also decided to take the opportunity with access to Team Banzai, to sell off several of their BPCs for technologies recovered from Blue Rock Candy Mountain. After a brief negotiation, they were able to secure an offer of a battered old Star Lord-Class JumpShip found in orbit, “The Storis” in exchange for them, plus a guarantee of 150-million Cs against the assets of Dingo Brand Corporation and all its various auxiliary companies. Jumping at the chance, they accepted, and dispatched “The Iron Vagabond” to return back to System – Dumassas and take charge of its trade efforts in the constellation under the Whippet Transport Lines brand.

Last, the unit gave orders to begin production of several TLS-1B Talos from * Deep Ice One. To ship them, it was decided to procure a stripped-down Seahorse Cargo Submarine, and that the units would be stock-piled at the restricted portions of * Sierra Madre Casino & Villa, until further notice. The Seahorse would likely cost around 5-6 million to procure, but would be valuable for their long-range goals, so one was ordered and arrangements were made to ship the 250-ton vessel to Terramatrix.

And then the orders came to ship-out to the Liao front…

Episode 136c - The Omega Company : End of the Dark Road

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

Synopsis : December 23rd, 3028 : Content Not Found: stystem-northwind : The unit entered the new town subdivision where the invaders had established a central defensive headquarters. Encountering a mix of armor, infantry and surviving Mechs from before, they pressed their advantage of surprise to the limit. Tanks and lighter Mechs quickly were destroyed, and a series of critical hits decimated the defending units. The invaders headquarters vehicles and their covering ECM bubbles were destroyed before they could retreat.

The survivors of the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT and Team Banzai managed to quickly slip into the city behind the Dingoes, and moved off to the starport relatively unopposed, as the Dingoes attack seemed to have attracted most of the attention.

The unit stopped for a breather, noting how depleted their munitions and defenses were in this latest bout, and seemed to notice that another force, probably the survivors of their brutal assault into the city, were gathering nearby…




Episode 136b - The Omega Company : "Machinegun Pass"

“Faint heart never won fair lady; Neither did it ever pursue and overtake a Supply Dump.”

Major Scott Bradley, Northwind, Federated Suns, late-December 3028

Synopsis : December 23rd, 3028 : System – Northwind : Travelling into the vaunted “Machinegun Pass” outside the northern city limits, the Dingoes forces encounter a serious road-block, a reinforced armor company led by a lance of heavy Mechs. The [[: lrm-carrier]]s using forward-observer posts saturate the attacking Dingoes Mechs with missile fire, and prove difficult to engage. The damage racks up quickly.

Eventually, however, the unit manages to counter-punch the reinforcements, and breaks into teh city limits. They send out the call, and the survivors of the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT and Team Banzai begin to follow up behind the Dingoes, making their way towards the city and freedom, while the Dingoes push towards the city center.








Episode 136a - The Omega Company : "Thunder Run"

“In the spirit of the Alpha and the Omega, in the way the Alpha was the Omega, and vice versa, he knew the beginning was also the end—and that the end was just another beginning.”

Synopsis : December 18th, 3028 : System – Northwind : As the winter snows pile high in the mountains, the Iron Dingoes, Team Banzai, and remnants of the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT try to patch themselves back together. The Dingoes, having placed a large supply of parts and ammunition at what was their operational base, manage to rebuild most of their unit, though they have the scars of the brutal defense of Tara marked on most of their units.

The rest of the defenders are not doing as well, and can barely muster a battalion of Mechs with limited armor and infantry support. Things look grim, but the weather combined with the mountain passes being covered in keeps pursuit into the mountains limited to recon. AeroSpace forces, although controlling the local airspace, are unable to approach the starport on the edge of the city, due in large part to their own bad condition and the fact that a couple dozen DropShips and most of the RCT’s infantry are holding the site.

The months pass, with probing attacks on the edge of the mountains, but Major Bradley holds the Dingoes back as his only ready assault force. After deciding to hold the starport, and not lose his aerodynes, he chooses to create an “Omega Company”, and orders the Dingoes to make a desperate strike down the western passes, into the city, and attack the invaders assault headquarters. He feels this will distract the defenders enough that the rest of the 36th Dieron Regulars and Team Banzai can slip down into the city and reach the starport, and retreat from the planet. The Dingoes agree, provided their techs and support equipment go with Bradley and get them off-world.

December 22nd : The unit slips down an ill-mapped pass and encounters a defensive array of scouts probing the defenders strength, and brushes past several light Jenners and Panthers, meeting only a token heavy lance that seeks to defend the position. The unit moves further down the pass and towards the city.


In Content Not Found: system-montour, the * The Blood Raiders begin their investigation of the 309th AeroSpace Maintenance and Regeneration Group “The Boneyard”. Spending several month searching the local planetary system around Momrath, the small, ringed jovian planet located on the outer fringe of the system.

After several months, they uncover “The Cutter”, the DropShip “Meteor”, and several Saturn-Class Patrol Ships. The prize of their discoveries, however, is the fables “Pinto”-Class WarShip, “The New Karachi”, with its primary armaments still intact. After nearly a year in Montour, the group decides to not press its luck further, and taking the Cutter and Meteor, make their slow way back to System – Dumassas with their prizes, leaving the others for a future salvage mission.




Episode 135 - The Crumbling Edge

“It is madness to attempt to hold. In the first place the troops cannot do it and in the second place if they do not retreat they will be destroyed. I repeat that this order be rescinded or that you find someone else.”

Synopsis : October 22nd, 3028 : System – Northwind : After the general retreat into the mountains, the unit is faced with one more company of mixed armor and Mechs that is trying to follow along and attack the stragglers in the retreat. Under orders to hold until recalled, the unit fights back in a worsening condition, pulling back several of their worst case units, and digging in.

In the end, they encounter some of the units who slipped into the city to do damage, and destroy enough of the attackers to hold their position. With the last retreat of Team Banzai’s forces, Major Bradley, the highest surviving local commander orders a full retreat before the rest of the attackers can follow them into their mountain refuges. The Dingoes destroy what they can, and sabotage the rods to limit pursuit, wondering aloud about the brutal fighting of the Inner Sphere Houses.








Episode 134 - Hellfire

“It’s a harrowing experience to see death approaching in haste towards you, what is hell but confronting your own mortality”

Synopsis : October 21st, 3028 : System – Northwind : Dr. Banzai of Team Banzai tries to take control of the decimated forces of the defending 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT, and brings the reinforcements of the Genyosha to a stand-still, before heading into the city for some hard-core urban street fighting.

The unit, holding their position as the only safe way out of the city, encounter a reinforced company of heavy 36th Dieron Regulars Mechs, that push past the unit under a bubble of ECM, with several of its membership escaping into the city to wreak havoc. The unit does, however, manage to destroy a RVN-1X Raven and capture its escorting VND-1R Vindicator and pilot, intact. Both units were “loans” from the Draconis allies in the Confederation. The fight was fierce, and the unit, still damaged from the previous fight, feels brutalized.

Dr. Banzai is severely wounded, and all defending forces are ordered to retreat from the city. The unit holds the line, as the remaining survivors retreat from the city, making their way into the mountains. The Dingoes are ordered to hold until all forces can retreat.








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