Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 148 - Hegemony of Iron

’Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking."

October 8th, 3031 : System – Dumassas

Upon returning to Dumassas, the unit heard many hard things from the central Marcosan nation-states, primarily from the problems with Petrópolis. The unit made landfall back at Garrison, and took stock of the efforts that Advocate had been engaged in. He had been working to establish a foothold in both The Independent Territory of Maroon and The Independent Territory of Davion Solitaire, building some support facilities and settling the numerous refugees the unit had rescued from Tequila Beach. They also had begun establishing mining sites in Maroon, and survey work continued unabated.

Moxie had made contact with The Independent State of Klein Vrystaat, and the entire settlement willingly offered to ship their goods to the Iron Dingoes markets, provided they were left alone to deal with their own people and traditions. The Dingoes agreed to send a regular flight of Whippet Transport Lines to the community to conduct trade in exchange for this support. Effectively the small, isolated community became a landhold of * The Iron Dingoes Demesne.

The unit weighed their new options, and sought to sell LRM-65 Maverick, eventually gaining a good price from the transaction with Excalibur Corporation. With the resources available to them, they set about expanding their planetary resources, buying more support supplies and consumables, and activating all their production lines to begin manufacturing the wide variety of vehicles and equipment available to their unit’s own production lines, with the intent to use some internally, but largely seek to sell them to fund these and future efforts. The unit also agreed to a collection of this production to be sent as their “tribute” to the Warlord.

21st of October : Meeting with the 7th Cavalry – “The Iron Ponies” commander, Lt. Colonel Eóghan Brand, Pitbull learned that there were problems, but that the unit refused to abandon their contract, being honorable soldiers. Pitbull offered to evacuate the 7th Cavalry dependents to their isolated holdings of -Fort Boomerang_ at Corazón Airfield, as a precaution, which they accepted. The unit privately saw it as an opportunity to perhaps recruit the 7th Cavalry for their own purposes in the long-run.

24th of October : * “The Dead Man’s Hand” returned in-system, making landfall at Garrison on the 4th of November. Having successfully completed their most recent contract with the Aurigan Restoration, they brought back a fair sum into the unit coffers, and were informed of the unit’s plans to soon return to Goria, as well as to ready themselves to support the 7th Cavalry in the Line unit’s absence.

16th of November : “The Iron Vagabond” returned back to Dumassas, reporting in it had a surprise for the unit. Executive Secretary Arlana Jericho made the burn back to Terramatrix personally, requesting a personal meeting with both Pitbull and Moxie. Arriving on the 26th of November, she brought in a package for the pair, a copy of the Helm Memory Core, along with the unit’s share of her recent profits from her trade mission into the Davion Outback_, cut short by the recovery of this data cache. The device was immediately shipped to _Content Not Found: the-skinkwerks civilian site in Cartera, and came under close scrutiny by a small collection of techs.

Plans were immediately drawn up to begin the conquest of System – Goria, and after a brief discussion, it was decided that playing ’The Chosen" card was the likely easiest and least destructive method to take control of the central Aurora Faction, and then systematically use them as the means of expansion to include each of the dozen or so factions scattered across the planet.

Episode 147 - Blackhearts

“Little things matter far more than big ones. We remember them longer. We can’t control the big things. If you think about what’s happened in the past, it will be the small moments that come to the forefront, not the big transitions. The big things were just history. The small moments are yours. The books those monks printed are still preserved centuries after they were gone. Little things matter.”

June 24th, 3031 : System – Goria

Having arrived in Goria, the unit inquired after the so-called pirate band, The Mavericks", tracking them to the isolated colonial dome they had occupied some hours away from the central starport. Loading up and confronting them boldly, the unit quickly over-powered them, largely by simple weight, but also by numbers, though they lacked a couple of their regular numbers who remained back on Dumassas. As usual, ammunition explosions played a key part in the fight, and eventually the survivors surrendered.






Capturing the Mechs and their surviving pilots, the unit managed to convince the grounded DropShip, the LRM-65 Maverick to surrender, and captured it along with the knowledge of their JumpShip escort, The Galloping Ghost located in a hidden orbit above the north pole. Using * “The Werewolves”, they boarded and easily captured the vessel meeting little to no resistance. Confronting the captain, Ellis Vorash, they bring the vessel with them back to System – Dumassas, before turning his family and ship free in exchange for spreading the unit’s actions among his own kind, the mysterious group known as The Charioteers.

The unit then proceeded on back to the June system, where they turned the pirates and their salvage over to their employers, and after a prize court, received a healthy paycheck, including the outright grant of the Maverick itself as part of their settlement. The unit then returned back to their holdings on Dumassas, with the caveat that they would return to Goria in the near future, if only to seize the valuable ore processing facilities in the central starport domes for themselves.

Episode 146 - Pax Ferrum Canis

“To some Humans, the promise of a patch of land was worth any effort. It was an oddly predictable sort of behavior. Humans had a long, storied history of forcing their way into places where they didn’t belong.”

March 28th, 3031 : System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster : After arriving back on-board their JumpShips, the unit jumped back into System – Dumassas, and looked for news regarding the system and their on=planet holdings. The recently arrived Company of the Rose had taken a position in Petrópolis with little difficulties, but there was very little getting out of the region, as the two provinces of The Province of Cabinda and The Province of Central Marcos had recently starting “consolidating” their local territories, and there wasn’t much else being related from the region with so many closed borders.

On a lark, Pitbull looked for local contracts, and discarding a corporate raid contract, as well as a House Marik contract due to their wanted status in that realm, he began negotiations for a private noble’s contract for pirate hunting, Contract – Operation : “Back in the Saddle”. The unit ensured they had proper supplies, and began the jumps required to bring them to June system on a ten-day later. They passed quickly through System – Armington (13th), System – Csomad (20th), System – Malagrotta (27th), and finally June itself on the 2nd of May, 3031.

In-system, the unit discovered the contract was to hunt an unknown group of pirates that had struck the Michaelson Heavy Industries parts plant on its surface, taking a valuable cache of repair and manufacturing tools, as well as a collection of their manufactured VTOL and tank parts. Their liaison officer was Captain Hazam Narthelm, the man who had been dispatched to arrange the contract. It was surmised that the pirates were using so-called Black Systems not on the usual star charts, but luckily the unit had access to the more complete star charts once exclusively owned by Jericorp, so they were able to chart a course down these back-lane systems, hoping they could find traces of their passage.

May 16th Fully charged, the unit jumped out to the more “southern” Urbigger system, finding it on initial examination to be abandoned. Jumping on further “south-east”, the unit jumped into the Lashuppi system, this one a rockball abandoned system of no consequence. The unit then jumped into Tequila Beach using one of their Jumpkeys, and quickly made contact with their Infochant, “Flowers”. Paying him a tidy 65,000 Cs, they learned that the group called themselves “The Mavericks” after their Union-Class DropShip the “Maverick”, and “allegedly” operated from System – Goria. The unit’s various members spread-out following various leads, and discovered that the pirates had been selling various parts and tools at the shadowport recently, hinting they were closely following the pirate’s trail. Their liaison officer was dumb-founded on the fact a pirate outpost of this size was located so close to the Federated Suns border.

May 25th : The unit jumped out-system on a bee-line for Goria. Jumping through System – Gollere (June 1st), System – Pa’an (9th), and directly into System – Goria on the 17th of June. The unit made a quick survey of the system, checking their logs on this periphery world and were stunned to realize the system manufactured a very high-quality armor. There was talk of future conquest of this system and its valuable resources for their own purposes following the contract.

The unit organized their DropShip fleet, leaving the “Revolver” behind to protect their JumpShips, and burned down to the planet with “Relentless”, “Pandora’s Box”, and the “Xīng Hu” for salvage operations, reaching orbit on the 24th of June. They landed at the primary starport dome, known to be held by the Aurora Faction a few hours later.

Captain Pol Baca “Templar” made first contact with the local thugs, backed up by LtSG Trooper Shiv “The Knife” and his platoon of marines. There was a little posturing, but when Templar tried to turn the discussion to trade, they got offended and quickly told him and his men what to do with themselves. They turned to leave, when Pitbull in his HGN-732 Highlander deployed from the bay and demanded to know where the pirates calling themselves “The Mavericks” were located. The locals sobered up quickly and pointed out a community dome a couple hours walk away, known as G-19. They quickly retreated back to the safety of their own fortified dome.

Pitbull returned and began organizing for an immediate assault, having assumed that the pirates likely knew they were on-planet, and the group needed to take the pirate’s dome as quickly as possible. It was decided to move in a trident formation to surround the pirates, and have the unit’s infantry and armor just out of range behind them, with the techs and salvage squads to seize the dome and any salvage they might get.

The assault was now in motion.

Episode 145 - Inquiring Minds

“If you don’t ask the right questions, you don’t get the right answers. A question asked in the right way often points to its own answer. Asking questions is the ABC of diagnosis. Only the inquiring mind solves problems.”

February 23rd, 3031 : Tequila Beach : After recharging their jump-drives, and spending a little time in discussions regarding intelligence assets and another attempt to ellicit information from their local Infochant on “Operation Jumpstart”, the unit jumped back into Gollere on March 2nd. They then made another recharge, and jumped back into System – Dumassas.

March 14th : Waiting for contact from “Meteor”, the unit dispatched their recent “colonists” down to Terramatrix and * Landhold : Garrison for processing. Advocate and Moxie both accompanied them, the former to spend some time re-acquainting himself with operations in Dingo Brand Corporation, and the latter because of personal reasons, and a desire to spend more time with Mia Ospina.

Rockhopper Exploration was also ordered to investigate the two independent colonial holdings of The Independent Territory of Davion Solitaire and The Independent Territory of Maroon, as potential assets. Also, the * Deep Ice One complex was ordered to continue producing small quantities of their TLS-1B Talos in preparation for potential sales off-world, to be organized by Advocate.

March 16th : The unit jumped into System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster using their Jumpkeys. After burning to the primary in System – Aurore, they made landfall at The District of New Haven, arriving on March 22nd. They met directly with Consort Jessica White “Ariel”, and after a short formal meeting, were invited to spend the night at the local palace over-looking Dis.

Pitbull, Caboose and Glamour met with her that evening in a private central hot pool in the “Guest Wing” of the palace, bathing with her and discussing the secrets of “Project Reset” and the Jumpstart Caches. In exchange, they shared their knowledge of Doctor Magnus Schroeter and his genetic operations, identifying his location as likely somewhere in Rhiannon City.

Conducting a sub-orbital burn to Tanstaafl City and made contact with their on-planet agent, Lt JG Marguerite Phillano. Rumors suggested that Content Not Found: the-warlord was acting a little erratic, but Glamour met with him anyways, during which she learned that her “operation” hadn’t been paying him proper respect, mostly in the form of proper booty from their territory. He seemed adverse to light, and was very curt with her. The unit then took a few days of downtime to acquire new supplies, and left planet for a quick burn back to their jumpships.

Episode 144 - Against a Crooked Sky

“It just so happens we be Terramatrixians. Terramatrixian is nothin’ but a human man way out on a limb, this year and next. Maybe for a hundred more. But I don’t think it’ll be forever. Some day, this country’s gonna be a fine good place to be. Maybe it needs our bones in the ground before that time can come.”

February 9th, 3031 : With the problems of Petrópolis seemingly in stasis for the moment, the unit turned to domestic issues, primarily around various technology they were holding, and the unit settled on working with Terramatrix Industrial Salvage to develop their Double Heat Sink (Prototype) beyond a concept stage. Rumors of the unit’s private research regarding a civilian model of power armor also came to light, revealing their current development of the Power Armor – Workhound.

The unit also liquidated several of their salvaged Mechs into the local markets, investing the profits back into their research division, as well as ordering the construction of a few more TLS-1B Talos to build another support lance of Mechs for The Commonwealth Star Guards.

February 23rd : With their domestic matters in hand, the unit set about resolving a decade-old question of what exactly “Project Reset” might be, and how it applies to the unit’s long-range plans. They intended to engage in a long-range project to travel to Tequila Beach, System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster, and the Systems Constellation – “The Taurian Outback” in resolving the matter.

The unit burned for the jump-point, and then jumped out to System – Gollere, checking-in on their holdings on that planet, and paying a quick visit to the government for an update. On March 16th, the unit jumped back out to Tequilla Beach.

March 16th : Upon reaching the station, the unit made contact with Engineer Tia Sprang’s grand-father at his repair station. They allowed the two some private time, and then inquired regarding the mysterious “Dogpatch Station”, though he knew little beyond it being a shadow port located on the far side of the Taurian Concordat.

Advocate visited ’Conjob’s Trifles", abandoning any attempts at subtlety and asked after the mysterious “Dogpatch Station”, though he could not relate any specific information regarding location, or “Project Reset”, beyond a warning that “…poking the bear will sometimes wake it enough to eat you…”. It was apparent that he knew a little about the topic, but wasn’t willing to share more without bringing down heat on his own head. The place remained a mystery.

Meanwhile, several members engaged in their own search for various equipment and other valuable goods with various success. Pitbull and Moxie took a trip to “Level 12”, the so-called “Meat Market”, and bought-out all the “stock” available. When several in the command staff questioned why, he hinted he intended to follow-up with their plans to establish colonial settlements in key locations, primarily near the Sea of Beasts west of The New Republic of Sangria. The unit now found itself bringing in nearly two-hundred civilians, and plans on shipping them via shuttle to the ships of the unit for a quick trip back to System – Dumassas began.

Episode 143 - The Sword of the Monarch

“Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven.”

After a brief discussion, the Command Council decides that the Iron Dingoes would be best served by staying on Terramatrix until the matter with Petrópolis is resolved, particularly as their two support units have moved off-world some weeks previous on contracts with the Aurigan Restoration.

While observing the activities of the 7th Cavalry – “The Iron Ponies”, the unit attempted, and failed, to gain knowledge of the rumored pirate forces operating in the system, and using The Trojan Dominion of Cortez as a resupply base. They also reorganize several recently recruited technicians and engineers under the command of a young but loyal officer, Station Master William Holden, and begin bringing * “Black Ice” into operational status. Lastly, Viper was assigned the position of her former lover, and took command of training operations for the unit’s infantry and special forces.

After several days of failed efforts to contact the 7th Cavalry – “The Iron Ponies” leadership, the Iron Dingoes managed to send a message through ComStar to speak directly with the 7th Cavalry’s leaders. Pitbull agreed to meet with them in a neutral location, choosing Von Doom’s Interstellar Starport in The Free-City of Von Doom’s Downport. Meeting on the 8th of February at Wrolka’s Downport, a popular local restaurant, the two leaders met with a small escort, and after discussing their various situations, Pitbull suggested he had the means to give military support to the 7th Cavalry if they chose to seize the nation-state for themselves. While keeping the exact means vague, secretly hinting at the possession of the Sword of the Monarch, he hinted the ability to claim support from a portion of the nation and its surrounding border states in both Buntar and the Marcosan Mandate were available, and he stressed that the Iron Dingoes much preferred dealing with fellow mercenaries, rather than the terrorist organization that employed the 7th Cav.

While Lt. Colonel Eóghan Brand remained non-commital and reinforced that he and his officers were willing to work with the government of the Bloody Hand of Marcosa, he added the provision that as long as they fulfilled their oaths, he would fulfill his. This included an assurance of a landhold for his dependents and to support his forces. If that failed, he would rethink his loyalty.

The two parties left amicably.

Episode 142 - The Problem With Petrópolis

" The Movement is dead. Hence the name: movement. It moves a certain distance, then it stops, you see? A revolution gets its name by always coming back around in your face. You tried to kill me you son of a bitch… so welcome to the revolution."

Following several months of downtime, the unit reorganizes several aspects of its ground forces, including assigning specific postings for its infantry units and commands scattered across its landholds.

On January 2nd, 3031, the unit gathers their forces and begins a burn out to the jump-point, intending to head to Tequila Beach.

9th of January : Reports come from their JumpShip fleet at the Zenith jump-point of two JumpShips arriving; one Merchant-Class painted in DCMS military colors, and a second Invader-Class in merchant’s colors. After a few hours of snap-burst communications, the fleet disgorges two Unions, a large and ancient Jumbo-Class DropShip and a smaller Gazelle-Class, all of which begin a burn down towards Terramatrix.

While the Iron Dingoes, still en-route to the jump-point discuss the implications of several companies of BattleMechs appearing from the Draconis Combine, they agree to reach their jump-point and then burn back to Terramatrix, deciding to react to whatever that force does, increasing their trhust to arrive a few days before the invasion fleet arrives, provided they operate at a regular speed.

18th of January : Arriving back at Terramatrix, the unit rendezvouses back at “The Factory”, and awaits the arrival of the unknown fleet, though they will operate at less capability, given their increased thrust to reach orbit ahead of them.

19th of January : The unknown fleet arrives in orbit of Terramatrix. The fleet maneuvers itself, and numerous snap-bursts are identified passing back and forth between The Factory, and into the microwave networks on the surface. The unit is further identified as the 7th Cavalry – “The Iron Ponies”. Within hours, the invasion fleet dropped directly on Petrópolis, and engaged the local infantry battalion assigned by Buntar.

Over the next couple days, the local force of the Bloody Hand of Marcosa rises up in support of the invasion, and declares itself the rightful government of the nation. On the 21st of January, they declare themselves the ruling party of the nation, and that the 7th Cavalry is their army. Proof is proffered that a legal contract has been signed under a war bond with the mercenary force through ComStar. By the 24th of January, the entire lands under Petrópolis are declared under their protection, and the problems with Petrópolis rise once more.

Episode 141 - Mergers and Acquisitions

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

25th of August, 3030 : System – Gollere :

Synopsis : Burning back to Gollere, the unit lands at Rejhappur Starport, and choosing to visit with Lady Kalique Abrasax by attending her home in the city, inform her of most of their plan regarding System – Pa’an. They express an interest in shipping “various goods” over the next few years to Gallos and its allied nation-states, via her regular routes. She agrees, though she understands that she doesn’t know exactly what is being shipped. The unit then burns back out their JumpShips and heads out-system, back to their home.

8th of September, 3030 : The unit makes planetfall back at * Landhold : Garrison, and begins an extended period of downtime. Glamour meets with her intelligence personnel in * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, and conducts an overview of problem or possible expansion opportunities on-planet. Sharing her results, they identify * The Independent Territory of Borealis and The Gatun Foundation as the two easiest nation-states to either invade or otherwise influence.

After a lengthy discussion of options, they decide to simply send a junior officer to The Gatun Foundation, with an offer of securing that nation’s borders, or even training their security forces, in exchange for a percentage of their income (for a long-term contract), or a reasonable flat service fee (for a cadre mission).

Recognizing they have practically no real contacts within Borealis, they decide to exploit their contact with the leader of Bertling Logistics, “Big” John Stone, and invite him and several other important industrial and financial leaders to a large “all-expenses-paid” soiree at * Sierra Madre Casino & Villa. These individuals are to bring their significant others/wives/husbands, and enjoy a few days of luxury at the Dingoes dime.


After a few days of preparations, the soiree begins, and most of the Command Council is in attendance, as various important national and a handful of invited international guests also appear. Each night, Paladin and Advocate hold private poker games with their few trusted contacts and friends, and they broach a desire to meet with the CEO of Borealis Corporation to Stone. He accepts, and that night introduces Advocate to Lord Administrator Prestor Sifuentes. The two talk about the Dingo Brand Corporation’s plans to expand, and they offer to buy a controlling interest in Borealis Corp, and after a series of negotiations, settle on a price of 15 million Cs_, paid in 1 Million C-Bill installments every month over the next 15 months. In exchange, Dingo Brand will take over the company, and its interests will fall under the control of the Iron Dingoes. A formal announcement is made the following evening at the closing ceremonies, and many gathered accept the decision as being the reason they were all gathered for the summit in the first place.

One of the matters that became evident during the soiree, was that the heart of the social scene in The District of Garcia was definitively Lady (Major) Heather Jemmas. While an important military officer in their organization, she was also a political power-house in the local district. She was evidently rather put-off that she had been excluded in the opportunities afforded by the unit’s plans, but accepts it nonetheless. Rumors also spread among the wives of the leading industrial figures, that attendance to * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences is considered the penultimate glory for any upper caste children in both the district and nation of The New Republic of Sangria. Many important families were using the event to ensure their children gained sponsorship to both the college and the unit’s secondary school, the Iron Dingoes Military Academy, in Garrison.

The unit then returned to their holdings, and began enacting various private works and plans over their own responsibilities with the unit and their interests. Downtime was declared to pass for the next few months, and both of their resident combined-arms mercenary battalions were ordered to find contracts and seek off-world employment, if possible.

Episode 140 - Once More Into the Breach

“Conscience is but a word that cowards use,
Devis’d at first to keep the strong in awe:
Our strong arms be our conscience, swords our law.
March on, join bravely, let us to’t pell-mell;
If not to heaven, then hand in hand to hell.”

July 19th, 3030 : System – Dumassas :

Synopsis : While still on Terramatrix, the unit disburses some of their equipment to various forces, including their surprise gift of four (4) TLS-1B Talos and four (4) FLE-4 Flea to The Commonwealth Star Guards. The unit is also paid its back wages (until August 1st), and more consumables are procured through their on-planet logisitics chain. They decide to expand * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, building a MechWarrior studies wing. They also hold a quick memorial for Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith”, and all those troopers lost in the recent campaign.

Lastly, the unit discusses their future plans for the Battle Armor – Warhound, as the first prototype is declared operational. Seeing its value, the unit decides to (long-term) create “Claws” of five (5) troopers each equipped with these suits, as the standard “Super-Heavy” infantry of the Iron Dingoes. The unit then boarded their transports, burned to their JumpShips, and jumped out-system.

August 9th, 3030 : System – Gollere : While in-system, the unit organized expanding the local depot, funding an expansion at their holdings at the starport complex for a fair-sized Whippet Transport Lines facility. Governor Jenna Marcuro helps greatly in these matters, and takes over the project for them. The unit then met with Lady Kalique Abrasax, summoning her to their DropShips, where she gives them a quick run-down on matters as she understands them, in System – Pa’an. As informed as best they feel they can be, they spend a couple days organizing matters, and giving some of their forces a little local downtime, before again burning back to the jump-point and jumping out-system.


Lordhsip of Downdistrikt

August 15th, 3030 : Jumping in-system, the fleet holds it position, and after a short discussion, the unit decides to take the trusty old “Crimson Sands” along with * “The Werewolves”, and burn down to Pa-an, landing in the Downdistrikt ruins. At the site, they are met by local “authorities”, who answer their questions after the “proper papers” are in order, and relate what they know about the arrival of Ambassador Inara Serra some months ago, referring them to speak with the scavenger crew from Rockhopper Exploration that had been operating here over the last year, and whom had spent some time with them and seemed quite friendly. When the Rockhopper crew are met, they inform the “Ambassador” was headed to the Republic of Gallos. Pitbull orders them to pull-out and return back to Dumassas over the next couple weeks.


Republic of Gallos

Enacting a sub-orbital jump to the “capital” of the Republic of Gallos, they found the place a grubby little fishing town of a few thousand colonists. They quickly intimidate the local security forces, and locate Ambassador Serra, who is acting as the lover of one of the important local government Senators. After visiting with the good Senator Alcan, they agree to attend a dinner party to meet with the other important folk of the local government. That night, while the site is surrounded by a security force from the Werewolves, the unit leaders attend the social event, and Pitbull eventually meets with the Ambassador privately, and gets an in-depth run-down of the political situation on the planet. She advises, long-term, that the unit should try a “slow-burn” effort, as direct force against one of the locals could precipitate a full-scale resistance against Iron Dingoes interests on the planet, in particular among its two primary power factions, The Republic of Carcovaan and Carving.

After meeting with the various economic and political leaders of the nation-state of Gallos, Pitbull relates his ideas to the group and then proposes, moving forward, that the Republic could be a good friend of the Duke of Tharn, and offers to send troops and guns to help resist the efforts of The Republic of Carcovaan in the future. Senator Alcan agrees, noting that he was glad the Iron Dingoes hadn’t arrived in full force, as that would have likely ended poorly. The unit then packs-up, ordering Inarra to leave sooner, rather than later, and burns back to their JumpShips, eventually jumping out-system, and stopping back in Gollere once more.

Episode 139 - Homecoming

“An army can conquer a general, but no man can rob one of his ambition.”

August 16th, 3029, Basalt System, “Coventry Base Camp” :

Synopsis : Concluding their Contract – Operation : “Purple Demon”, and choosing not to extend it another six months, the unit left the Basalt System, and began the long trek back out to their holdings in System – Dumassas. Passing through several systems, including a couple of the core Golden Five Federated Suns worlds, the unit hears news of the 4th Succession War unfolding above and behind them along the borders.

Eventually, they reach the Filtvelt System, and taking the opportunity of its renowned war college, recruit a collection of failed officer candidates to fill-out some of their missing positions and plans for the future. In particular, they use the infantry squads to create a whole new subdivision, the 15th (Jump) Infantry Company – “Death From Above”, equipping them with some of their previously ordered Jump Pack. The unit reaches their landholds in Dumassas, just after the sphere-wide interdiction goes into place against the Federated Suns for their supposed “war crimes” of destroying the Sarna HPG.

Returnign to Dumassas in July of 3030, the unit then settles back into their old haunts, taking a week to conduct some downtime, procure needed consumables, and direct the funding of their landholds from the last couple years, as well as prepare expenses for the new year coming up. They decide to move forward on the possible invasion of System – Pa’an, and quickly loading up their forces begin the long burn back out-system.


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