Commonwealth Way Station

A Commonwealth Way Station is a self-sufficient courier station of the Commonwealth, serving as a military installation for its Scout Services. A Way Station is primarily, however, a facility for the support, maintenance and repair of Commonwealth assets, expanding its influence and securing its trade links.

The Commonwealth maintains a variety of Way Stations in its service, each located on a world the Commonwealth deems under its control or allied to its activities. Installations are typically adjacent to the world’s primary starport, or one directly under the control of * “The Iron Dingoes” own military landhold structure.

Primarily surface installations equipped with basic facilities for maintaining and refueling shuttles or other AeroSpace craft, it possesses only simple repair tools and equipment, though local personnel can conduct common repairs. The position of an Interdiction Station of some sort is a long-term plan, but at present, such facilities are only in the design and policy phase of development.

Way Stations are, on some worlds, the only starport present, and often represent the highest tech level and personnel available on the planet, particularly deeper into the Periphery.

In addition to maintaining repair facilities, each Way Station provides warehousing space and often transfer facilities and equipment, including a few simple shuttlecraft, to assist in gathering goods for trade and exchange further down the network. In addition, as most worlds in the Commonwealth lack access to an HPG, they are typically collection points for data transfers and small packages intended for exchange with other Commonwealth citizens.


The concept of the Way Station was first proposed in early-3033 by Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour” during the first Council meeting of the new year. Presented with the growing interstellar influence of the Iron Dignoes through its support of the Commonwealth, she proposed taking a direct hand in its defense, by applying its military forces moving forward.

In order to best station and supply these militia forces, the membership of whom originated from a landhold of the Iron Dingoes themselves, so-called ’Way Stations" were to be established. These bases would allow these forces to be located near the trade ports necessary to long-term establishment of the Iron DIngoes influence on Commonwealth worlds, and continue to expand their control of Commonwealth worlds. Each Way Station was to be located next to a world’s starport, to both protect its off-world connections, and to assist in encouraging its use as an interstellar trade port.

The first such Way Station was established within the Iron Dingoes own colony world on System – Hawktor in 3035, and began a tradition of placing their mixed arms forces across the Commonwealth’s worlds.

Commonwealth Way Station

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