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The New Breed

The most important events in recent Inner Sphere history.


3001 : ComStar begins supplying bandit kings.

3002 : “Operation Concentrated Weakness” begins.

3003 : Michael Hasek marries Marie Davion-St. Claire.

3004 : Hohiro Kurita assassinated, Takashi Kurita named Coordinator, The “Jolly Roger Affair”.

3005 : The Ministry of Development reorganized, Wolf’s Dragoons arrive in the Inner Sphere, make first contact with the planet of Delos IV and contract employment by House Davion.

3006 : Allen Rusenstein resigns, Julian Tiepolo named Primus, Thomas Marik joins ComStar.

3007 : Alessandro Steiner is forced to retire, Katrina Steiner named Archon.

3009 : Wolf’s Dragoons end employment with House Davion.

3010 : Marik Civil War instigated, Wolf’s Dragoons next seek employment with House Liao.

3012 : Kyalla Centrella named Magestrix, Tamara Centrella dies.

3013 : Hanse Davion named Prince, Ian Davion killed, Michael Hasek-Davion named Duke of New Syrtis.

3014 : Anton Marik begins Marik Civil War, declares himself Captain-General. Wolf’s Dragoons end employment with House Liao and suffer significant losses in the Marik Civil War.

3015 : New Avalon Institute of Science (NAIS) formed, Neil Avellar II named Parliamentary President, Precentor ROM Vesar Kristofur excommunicated, Wolf’s Dragoons next contract employment with House Marik.

3017 : Thomas Calderon named Protector of the Taurian Homeworlds.

3019 : Theodore Kurita and Tomoe Sakade marry. Wolf’s Dragoons suffer costly defeat assaulting the BattleMech Factory Defiance Industries on Hesperus II and disappear into deep space to refit and rebuild their force.

3020 : Contact with Michael Hasek-Davion made. Katrina Steiner sends “Peace Proposal” to all Great Houses. Outworlds Alliance “Educational Exchange Program” begins with the Taurian Concordat. Wolf’s Dragoons return from deep space at full strength, end employment with House Marik and next contract employment with House Steiner.

3021 : Shin Yodama born.

3022 : Concord of Kapteyn signed, “Federated-Commonwealth Alliance Document” signed, Wolf’s Dragoons end employment with House Steiner.

3023 : HCT-3F Hatchetman is fielded. Wolf’s Dragoons next contract employment with House Kurita, Jaime Wolf’s life saved by Minobu Tetsuhara.

3024 : Talon Zahn is born on Ares.


Inner Sphere : 3025

3025 : “Operation Doppelganger” takes place. Third Succession War ends

3026 : “Operation Galahad” takes place

3027 : “Operation Thor” takes place

3028 : WLF-1 Wolfhound introduced. Still under contract, Wolf’s Dragoons betrayed and attacked by House Kurita and the “Battle of Misery” ensues; The marriage of Melissa Stiener and Hanse Davion unofficially forms the Federated Commonwealth; Fourth Succession War begins. “Operation Riposte” takes effect; Tormana Liao is captured.

3029 : The “Northwind Agreement” for System – Northwind enacted. The “Battle for Crossing” concludes, Wolf’s Dragoons enters employment with House Davion. Tikonov Free Republic formed. Duke Michael Hasek-Davion dies. House Davion blamed in destruction of Sarna HPG; ComStar interdicts the Federated Suns.


Inner Sphere : 3030

3030 : 4th Succession War ends. Federated Suns creates the Sarna March from the captured systems of the Capellan Confederation. Wolf’s Dragoons take possession of the System – Outreach as their permanent landhold, and take long-term service with House Davion.

3031 : Po Heavy Tank introduced. The Duchy of Andurien allies with the Magistracy of Canopus, and both declare war on the Capellan Confederation. The Tikonov Free Republic is absorbed (by vote) into the Federated Suns. Wolf’s Dragoons elite unit the Black Widow Company made available for hire after restructuring to battalion strength and led by Natasha Kerensky.


3034 : Free Rasalhague Republic formed, ComStar and House Kurita recognizes the Free Rasalhague Republic; Ronin War takes place. Taurian Concordat begins expansion of its borders into the Periphery, claiming its colony worlds of System – Orkney, System – Simone, System – Charleston, and System – Serenity.

3035 : Black Widow Company (Battalion) recalled to System – Outreach, begin retraining all forces of the Wolf’s Dragoons under new standards. Bombing in the Marik system kills Janos and Duggan Marik, wounds Thomas Marik. Duncan Marik named Captain-General of the Free World’s League. “Readjustment Act of 3035 passed in FWL government. All Liao worlds taken by The Duchy of Andurien from House Liao are regained by Capellan Confederation. Ronin Wars end, last DCMS regiment withdraws from the Free Rasalhague Republic. Marian Hegemony invades the Astrokazy system.

Technological renaissance begins, with all Inner Sphere nations introducing technologies recovered from the Helm Memory Core; FWL introduces Streak SRM-2, Artemis IV Fire Control, Narc Missile Beacon; Federated Suns introduces LB-10X AC, Ultra AC/5; Draconis Combine introduces Endo Steel; Lyran Commonwealth introduces XL Engines; Capellan Confederation introduces Myomer Accelerator Signal Circuitry (MASC). S.L. Lewis Incorporated donated its last remaining Savannah Master Omni 25 engines to various Inner Sphere corporations to attempt to retro-engineer the technology.

3036 : Maximilian Liao dies, reportedly by suicide (April 12th). Romano Liao, his heir, named 30th Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation (May 12th), Thomas Marik named Captain-General of the Free World’s League. The Taurian Concordat re-absorbs more former colony worlds in the Periphery; System – Velscur, System – Klenkar, System-Tirabad, and System – Pendant.

Draconis Combine scientists reintroduce CASE into mass production. Blue Planet Utility Services reintroduces the Jamerson-Ulikov Water Purifier to the landholds of * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD) at cost.

3037 : February 4th : Duncan Marik dies while leading an attack against Andurien ‘Mechs on Xanthe III; Captain-General Thomas Marik uses the shock of his return to pass the “Addendum to the Incorporation” and rescind the Home Defense Act. The Duchy of Andurien regained by the Free World’s League. The Circinus Federation invades Dersidatz.

Archibald McCarron reassumes command of McCarron’s Armored Cavalry, and forms a new sixth regiment, Baxter’s Brawlers under Marcus Baxter. McCarron’s Armored Cavalry ‘Mech repair facilities on Menke are upgraded to allow the complete assembly of BattleMechs. Cranston Snord of Snord’s Irregulars steps down as commander. His daughter, Rhonda Snord takes over.

Draconis Combine reintroduces the Small Pulse Laser, Medium Pulse Laser, Large Pulse Laser, ER Large Laser, and ER PPC. Federated Boeing introduce the Boeing Jump Bomber. Edasich Motors introduces the Edasich Omni 25 Fusion Engine to full production service.

3038 : Wolf’s Dragoons Delta Regiment conducts a botched raid on the Kurita-held world of Murchison, taking heavy losses. The Commonwealth of Nations involves itself in the growing global conflict on the South Manifest Islands. The “Unification Wars” begin.

Janice Calderon contracts the lethal Brisbane Virus while touring Brisbane and initially withdraws from society, but medical breakthroughs from the Helm Memory Core combined with theories provided by Magistracy of Canopus’ medical personnel, find a quick cure.

Luthien Armor Works (LAW) fields the Daboku. The Federated Commonwealth steps up production of its prototype Listen-Kill Missiles. The Free Worlds League introduces the Defender II, Defender D-35 Strike Fighter variant.

3039 : March 15th : Katrina Steiner abdicates. Melissa Steiner-Davion named Archon. April 15th : “War of 3039” begins. AFFS mutineers form the Outlaws mercenary unit. “War of 3039” ends in December.

July 26th – August 5th : While on contract at Elidere IV, * “The Iron Dingoes” take notable losses along with the 1st Screaming Eagles mercenary regiment, facing down both the 9th & 10th Ghost Regiment. Retreat to Glenmora.

A multi-year repair programme restores the James McKenna Shipyards at Kathil to full working condition.

3040 : January 4th : Katrina Steiner dies. January 19th : The “Exeter Accords” are signed. May 8th : Kyalla Centrella is removed from office and Emma Centrella is named Magestrix of the Magistracy of Canopus. Duchess Catherine Humphreys of The Duchy of Andurien dies.

AFFS and LCAF develop ECM technology to negate Listen-Kill Missiles. Free Worlds League reintroduces Gauss Rifle technology. Federated Suns rediscovers the ability to manufacture Anti-Missile Systems and Double Heat Sinks. Draconis Combine is the first to put Ferro-Fibrous Armor back into production. * “The Skunkwerks” reveals discovery of the Eligus Medical Diagnoser, and licenses production to Armadyne Industries.

3041 : April 1st : The Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces and Armed Forces of the Federated Suns are absorbed into singular Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth (AFFC).

A Ryan Steiner-ordered Free Skye terrorist attack on the ComStar HPG station on Ko, results in ComGuards being posted throughout the former Lyran Commonwealth. The mercenary unit Dedrickson’s Devils breaks contract with the Federated Commonwealth and takes service with the Taurian Concordat.


3042 : The Taurian Concordat assimilates System-State – “The Unity of Promise” as its farthest colonial holdings in the Spinward regions of the Hyades march. The embezzlement scandal of the Far Lookers colonial sect breaks, naming Baron Kenton Sarne of the Ministry of Trade and Colonization as its ring-leader. He is exonerated by Jeffery Calderon, son of Protector Thomas Calderon, given his efforts in the colonial expansion of the realm, but tax breaks for further colonial expansion are halted.

A Federated Suns-registered commercial freighter mis-jumps into the Taurian Concordat. The Taurian Defense Force (TDF) overreacts and destroys the ship before it can identify itself. Marik forces probe the Sarna March defenses by attacking Gan Singh, but are soundly defeated by the FedCom defenders under Andrew Redburn. The Arcadians mercenary regiment is formed by retired AFFS officers.

Band of the Damned pirate band appears in a raid against the Draconis Combine world of Hongor. Hanse Davion orders the 9th FedCom RCT into The Tortuga Dominions to destroy the pirate enclave and capture Paula Trevaline; at great cost they succeed in capturing her and occupying the Periphery state, ending the menace of piracy along that border.

NAIS develops mass-production Hunter-Killer Missiles. Outworlds Alliance introduces the Rock Hound ProspectorMech. The Marian Hegemony introduces the Gladius Medium Hovertank. Draconis Combine introduces the Hatamoto-Chi.

3043 : Captain-General Thomas Marik creates the League General Accounting Office. Coordinator Takashi Kurita institutes the Pillar Reforms.

Federated Commonwealth recovers the Lithium-Fusion Battery technology. Irian BattleMechs Unlimited introduces the HER-3S variant of the HER-1S Hermes to reawaken the ancient design.

3044 : “Operation FLUSH ends, with both intelligence agencies of the Federated Commonwealth and ComStar calling a truce in their silent war. James Moroney begins public speaking tours of former Rim Worlds Republic systems across the Periphery edge of House Steiner, calling for the formation of a new state.

General Motors (GM) introduces the Pompier IndustrialMech. Austen Vale Ordnance merges with Armstrong Industries to form the Austen-Armstrong Industries conglomerate.

3045 : the Taurian Concordat world of Pinard is raided by Dedrickson’s Devils, a mercenary unit under contract with House Davion that had gone rogue. Considered an attack by the AFFS, the military goes on high-alert expecting a renewed Inner Sphere invasion of the realm.

ComStar reports losing complete contact with the border realms of the Oberon Confederation, Elysian Fields, and Santander V.

The Capellan Confederation rediscovers the lost Guardian ECM Suite and Beagle Active Probe. The Federated Commonwealth begins producing Triple Strength Myomer (TSM) for IndustrialMech deployment.

3046 : Numerous raids cross the borders from both pirate bands and between the various Inner Sphere forces, all rebuffed.

The FWL parliament passes the Military Reorganization Act, placing all military units in the League, whether federal or provincial, under the direct control of the Capatin-General and answerable to the parliament.

Norse-Storm Technologies Incorporated brings its long destroyed Loxley factory into operation, bringing with it several new technology designs and refits. SelaSys Inc. restarts production of the Tramp-Class JumpShip. Wangker AeroSpace begins testing of the revolutionary Banshee. First production runs of the Tokugawa Heavy Tank begins at Luthien. Kali Yama Weapons Industries begins production of the upgraded HBK-5M variant of the HBK-4G Hunchback.

Capellan Confederation begins manufacture of standard and air-launched homing Arrow IV Systems.

3047 : Popular action holovid “The Bounty Hunters” is released. Conspiracy holovid “The Phelidere Project”, loosely based on the disappearance of the Fortress-Class DropShip during the War of 3039, “Paymon’s Staff”, is released. A Federated Commonwealth freighter is destroyed by the TDF in the Landmark system following its misjump into that system.

Rumors persist in various Minor Periphery realms, such as the “Empire of the Stars” engaging in raids and invasions in the coreward and Spinward regions.

Rumors persist on the development of a new class of Assault DropShip, known as the “Claymore” is under development in the Federated Commonwealth. Seimer Data Tron retools tis factories in preparation for full-scale redesign of a “modern” Fortress-Class DropShip. Prototype Hardened Armor enters production in the Federated Commonwealth. Mymoer Armor developed in the Lyran Commonwealth. WHM-7M variant of the WHM-6R Warhammer begins production.

3048 : November : Devastating pirate raid strikes Otisberg. Capellan forces attempt invasion of [[St. Ives Compact | the St. Ives Compact]], but are repulsed by the 1st Kell Hounds. The Band of the Damned pirates are defeated by 7th Pesht Regulars on Ambergrist, and reorganize under new leadership. ComStar officially publishes the Technical Readout 2750. Imperator Marius O’Reilly dies in a “climbing accident” on the Marian Hegemony world of Herculaneum.

Norse-Storm BattleMechs introduces the Devastator BattleMech. *Avenger-Class Assault DropShip production is upgraded in the Federated Suns. Federated Commonwealth introduces the AXM-1N Axeman BattleMech. PXH-3D variant of the PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk is introduced.

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