Rise of the Commonwealth


EYES ONLY – Iron Dingoes Command Council – EYES ONLY

* “The Iron Dingoes” makes its living fighting harder, faster and smarter than its enemies, and a great deal of our efforts are tied to the intelligence-gathering aspects of * “The Dingoes’ Fangs” and our Intelligence & Analysis division. For this reason, we have commissioned this document, which summarizes the critical political, military, economic, and social changes of the past three years, dating from 3033-35.

The activities of the unit over the past decades have been one of consolidation and careful expansion, and only over the last few years have we attempted to expand into the nearby constellation with any direct effort. Our intelligence services are stretched thinly across our spheres of influence, and pour military remains concentrated on the landholds which support them in their efforts. The aftermath of the Fourth Succession War has led to a series of assassinations, conflicts and under-handed activities across the Inner Sphere, but has largely ignored our efforts, allowing us to operate fairly un-noticed by the rest of the Inner Sphere. This is likely to change in the years ahead.

The sections on military deployments was assembled by our Battlefield Intelligence division, and represents some bias, but the information they present is as accurate as our capabilities can manage. Doubtless these and other informational briefings will have value in the years to come.

Signed Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour”, Unit S-2; January 2nd, 3036.

General Update

The unity of the Federated Commonwealth, the new realm combined from the Lyran Commonwealth and the Federated Suns, has sent shockwaves across the Inner Sphere. The alliance has opened the “Terran Corridor”, a stretch of worlds that has allowed close military and economic trade between the two nations. The two nations continue to unite their various branches in anticipation of the day the heir to both, Prince Victor Steiner-Davion inherits the largest realm of the Inner Sphere.

Further to this, various Federated Suns businesses have begun to express interests in our military technologies, such as Indumil’s Victory 150mm Autocannon and Jabali “Wild Boar” MBT, as well as our own TLS-1B Talos. Terramatrix Industrial Salvage has signed a long-term contract to supply the Islambad Crucis March Militia with four (4) of the machines each year, which allows us to fund a complete production run each year of the machines, fielding eight (8) to our own * Iron Dingoes Reserves in the years to come at the cost of only four. With the development of the TTA, this could expand in unexpected ways.

The Taurian Concordat remains on the defensive since the Fourth Succession War, with Protector Thomas Calderon acting increasingly more paranoid. The nation is slowly building its defenses against invasion, but continues to pour unprecedented amounts of wealth into expanding its naval yards in McLeod’s Land, and Taurus Territorial industries‘s efforts to develop the first Periphery JumpShip in centuries. The source of this income remains uncertain, but trade treaties with the Draconis COmbine are likely a part of that source. Their expansion into several systems along their border, with a promise of more in the years to come, is somewhat disconcerting, but expected under Baron Kenton Sarne’s efforts in the region.

The interstellar expansion of the so-called “New Dawn Movement” in System – Pa’an has led to the rise of several small defensive militias united under the banner of Soldiers of the New Dawn. This force continues to be supported by our efforts and training, and is nearing the point where it might take an active hand in either forcing the hand of The Federal Republic of Carcovaan, or bringing other nations of that system into the fold.

In System – Goria, Major Frank Castle has proven to be a good match for the challenge. He is attempting to bring a ragged band of raiders into modern warfare tactics, and thinking about conquest, rather than scavenger raiders. First reports indicate he has been concentrating on the efforts of the most powerful nearby dome, led by the so-called Dauntless faction. Another faction, known as Candor has also taken an interest in the activities of our people in Aurora Landing, While Dauntless is powerful in military sense, they are not prepared for full-scale warfare, and Candor is known for their diplomatic inclinations, surprising among the inhabitants of Goria.

System – Gollere‘s leading surprise has been the discovery of a vast store of Germanium within The Duchy of Windward. The fallout of this discovery has been to bring great interest to the world from Inner Sphere powers, adn solidified the system’s inclusion into our trade network. Our allies in The Duchy of Horn are profiting from this directly, having privately invested in the efforts for years. The industries of that world are likely to begin to quickly develop as monies from the resource make their way into the local economy. Also, REAPER is believed to no longer be in the system, having moved operations in the wake of his failed effort to cripple our grounded DropShip fleet. His present whereabouts remain unknown.

System – Hawktor is developing in a slow, steady manner. The locals have generally accepted the colony, though the inclusion of our _1st * Iron Dingoes Reserves battalion in 3035 has alarmed them somewhat. The unit has taken over defense of the colony, and the size of the garrison almost overwhelms the local farming community in its impact on the local economy. Certainly, in the case of Hawkport at least, we will be supporting the garrison for years to come, before it is large enough to support it..

Refugees fleeing from System – Carthage remain vague as to the events unfolding in that system. It seems that a generation of war austerity measures have created a crisis and general dissatisfaction with the government. Over-crowding of the Kapital Habitat and a demand for simple matters of life, like fresh air and food have led to the stream of refugees that are looking for other places to find peace. While many of the wealthy remain, as they are the enfranchised minority and have tied themselves to the regional government, many poor workers and families have fled the system. A large portion seem attracted to the developing economy of our own system in Dumassas, as well as nearby Gollere. Many bring with them a technical knowledge likely valuable in the years to come.

The pirate raid against System – Armington was expected, but the efficiency of its actions hints at a higher level of planning and control among Lord-Marshal “White Death”’s military and reveals intense coordination in their activities. While they patiently waited years before conducting the raid, when they executed it, it was precise, multi-layered in its goals and utterly ruthless. We could learn from this approach.

Dumassas issues

In System – Dumassas, the establishment of the 7th Cavalry – “The Iron Ponies” as leaders of The Petrópolis Free State has brought an unprecedented level of unity and peace in the region. As the nations of the world attempt to assist the people of that fallen state, our own * Iron Dingoes Medical Corps leading the way. Politically, the efforts of that organization have helped our position and status among the international community, and are, perhaps, a means towards the end we seek of a united world. The 7th Cav, meanwhile, are moving forward with establishing their presence, adn are greatly assisted in these efforts by The Commonwealth Star Guards who keep the peace and neighboring rival nation-states, Buntar and Marcosa from pushing into the border communities that have swollen with refugees from the central state near Petrópolis.

The Marcosan Mandate remains vehemently against the concepts of a united world, and is believed to have become the haven for the remnants of the Bloody Hand of Marcosa. Likely bringing their nukes and remaining resources with them into the armory of that nation-state, we believe they will have a bad influence on the future activities of that nation.

The National Legionary Tragnar, however, has softened its approach towards the western nation-states and the concept of the Commonwealth, being one of the initial supportive nations behind the TTA. Recent economic and industrial developments of that nation-state, under the direct national control of Duke Hermaneus Santiago, are rebuilding much of the damage caused by both the Small War and its aftershocks, as well as our own efforts to pillage that nation of its industrial jewels. It is suggested that the nation might be amenable to a cooling of hostile relations, with the attendance of his eldest son and heir to our own Content Not Found: war-dogs.

The smaller nation-states have begun to discuss their unity under the concept of the Union of Sovereign States. While individually they lack political and military power, as a collective, they could have influence and political capital that might give them, as a whole, a seat at the table of The Commonwealth of Nations. Still under development, this organization has merit enough to watch closely.

In a related incident, the sudden disappearance of “3%” during operations in The Independent Territory of Davion Solitaire are believed to have been as a a result of his investigation into The Muster. While there is no direct proof, his involvement into their investigation, along with the riots that occurred at the same time, followed by the Muster’s immediate cessation of activities in the region a day later hint at their involvement. The organization has since withdrawn from the system, and is believed to have abandoned their efforts in-system.

In the The New Republic of Sangria, the political fallout of the national elections has been limited, with the government’s focus on infrastructure being helpful to our efforts as raw resources are made increasingly available, and communications with the rest of the The New Republic of Sangria and its allies improves. Furthermore, the improvement of ties to her territorial possessions improves our intelligence and influence within those difficult regions. Moving forward, the operational efforts of the “Solo” at CAT Hill has proven integral to the long-term intelligence operations of our organization.

The Helm Memory Core

The Inner Sphere has just begun to mass produce various military technologies after years of cracking the codes behind the basic store of knowledge from the Helm Memory Core. We do not have the technical resources of those nation-states, but the genius of our membership in * “The Skunkwerks” has stood us well enough to begin mass production of the Jamerson-Ulikov Water Purifier under license to Blue Planet Utility Services.

We are concentrating on re-discovering medical technologies next, and there is some work in progress towards this effort. While development of the Rejuvination Suite is a primary goal, there are certainly other developments that could have wide-ranging ramifications among civilian markets and the general population.

Terramatrix Trade Authority (TTA)

Still in its formation stage, this organization represents perhaps the means by which we can bring about our concept of the “Commonwealth”. While the exact nature of this formation remains yet to be determined, the backing of the Mangai under the influence of both the Duke of Tharn and Lady Kalique Abrasax has made the Mangai of Gollere interested in the organization, and their inclusion is more than likely once the charter is determined by the 3036 Conference of the Preparatory Committee.

Expansion of this concept beyond these two worlds is limited to the trade port on System – Hawktor, and some influence among the “New Dawn” nations of System – Pa’an. It should be mentioned, however, that Excalibur Corporation is also allied to the concept, and this might imply an interest in that large organization in expanding the organization along their own trade network, with an influence far-reaching into the neighboring constellations.

Moving forward, this matter is outside of our direct control, but we do continue to have an influence over its general development.

Looking Forward

Our concentration moving forward, is likely to be concentrated on continuing to run contracts by our central three battalions to keep money flowing into our coffers, and slow development of our * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD) infrastructure. The inclusion of the coastal villages and towns requires a great expansion of our educational services, and development of Blue Planet Utility Services to provide the level of utility services required by citizenship in House Dingo. Blue Planet has the potential to move forward in leaps and bounds, and once the sale of our water purifiers becomes wide-scale, it is projected that we might be able to buy-out the interests of Aquatech, at least within IDAD itself. Further to this, a partnership with Iron Claw might benefit in stepping-up production of the devices.

The flow of raw resources from our off-world and system “colonies” continues. While not sufficient for paying for the vast military force we possess, it does largely support our manufacturing economy, though several key resources remain dependent on the international markets. SUpporting this is the idea of reduced trade tariffs and a free trade economy that is destined to cover the system. The take-over of Aluar by Rio Tinto Group, and the exploitation of Windward Resources’s Germanium is the start of what some claim is a to be a slew of economic shifts in the coming years, particularly as off-world interests continue to pay attention to the region.

Technology remains key to our international profile, and recent interests from off-world have begun to circulate among various allied forces. ZAFO, the Jamerson-Ulikov Water Purifier and the efforts of Aegira Technologies have dominated the recent technology markets. Horn Industries is also heavily involved in expanding their own technology lines in related fields. Blue Planet Utility Services is likely to take advantage of the interest in the purification technology in years to come, and license other, life-changing technologies developed by * “The Skunkwerks”.

The planned expansion of the * Iron Dingoes Reserves to other worlds is likely to raise a few eyebrows, though there is little anyone can, or will, do. These forces will allow us to project a military influence into every system in which they are stationed and by the ned of the next cycle, should present a formidable deterrence to pirate and foreign military raids in our sphere of influence. Further to this is the discussion regarding hiring the Iron Dingoes forces to operate as the security arm of the TTA. Including our recent system defense boat fleet into the mix, this allows us to support what could have been a very expensive arm of the military under the badge of international authority. Whatever the outcome of these discussions, the potential power amplification is apparent.

With the vast majority of our recruitment efforts going to the development and support of these forces, our Line forces are likely to suffer somewhat, but the long-term focus is more important. Our holdings in Terramatirx are increasingly supported by the development of our allied nations, and the influence of The Commonwealth of Nations and its military, and this allows us to look outward, rather than inward to support international efforts to bring peace and prosperity to the planet.

The influence of Excalibur Corporation remains very quiet in the region, possibly because of the development of the Taurian colonies sinward of that nation. While I do not trust them or their ultimate motivations, they remain reliable in their word under their present administration, though we should not drop our guard in keeping tabs on them or their ambitions. Their open support of the TTA is somewhat encouraging, at least.

Further development of our intelligence arms, possibly tied to the creation of a new “diplomatic corps”, is a focus for our interstellar efforts over the next block. As we expand, we need security for not only our military, but as the numbers of our enemies increases, so too should our counter-intelligence services. How this plays out over the next few years will be determined largely by our efforts in education and training.

In Conclusion

The future remains bright for our House, and we should see the general development of our influence across the local constellation in the wake of these events. I look forward to your opinions in regards to these events and hope we can all find the prosperity our families and people desperately need.

Rise of the Commonwealth

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