Rumble in the Jungle


Rumble in the Jungle : The unit spent the next few months engaged in various private tasks. The unit settled their agendas, and after some investigation, discovered that their position was in question on the world, as forces had been moving over the years to remove them as a threat to the local governor, and his friend the President’s, power.

Moving quickly, the Dingoes enlisted the loyalty of their old friends Major Petros Vagarez and Captain Carla Estrella, securing the district military garrison. Landing at Garrison in force, they began to plan for the coming war. They had * “The Dead Man’s Hand” engaged in “war games” outside the national capital of San Succi with the latest infantry battalion being raised by the government, the nascent 19th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Black Skulls”. The unit had the complete loyalty of the local 4th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Garcia’s Own”, as well, and the bulk of the local military supplies. With a scout searching the southern jungles for the rumored military force of First Fire, they were ready for a fight.

On April 21st, 3021, the scouting unit from the Iron Dingoes encountered a skirmish force of Mechs in the northern stretch of the Corazón Jungle. The fight turned only with the luck of a few shots, but the Dingoes claimed victory, and searched the local area before calling in their salvage teams. They discovered the site to be nearly the same location they had fought First Fire’s scouts some years earlier, and close scouting with their PHX-HK2 Phoenix Hawk LAM discovered the nearby waterfall hid a secret. The unit discovered * Castle Corazón. As the days progressed, it was apparent that both the local Governor and the President were increasingly nervous at the intentions of the Iron Dingoes in The District of Garcia. The unit chose to act first, and organized * “The Werewolves” to enact a bold plan. Gaining the loyalty of Manuel Serrate and his forces, as well as their old friend Hernando Huarez and his power base of The Industrialist’s League, the group moves.

First, the unit seized control of the “Buenaventura”, with the assistance of its captain. With the nation’s sole DropShip under their control, they smuggled the Werewolves on the evening of the 19th of May, 3021 into the capital in their shiny new Tornado PAs, and under the cover of darkness, invaded the capital palacio, and assassinated President Miguel Tazeal, leader The Republic of Sangria. Destroying both his palace and his “getaway” vehicle, and making it look like the desperate act of war-mongering by Governor Ferdinand Dominica. Overnight, the nation erupted in chaos.

Mayor Albertina Diego called upon all “loyalists” in Ciudad Garcia to rally to city hall, and was swiftly supported by the armed forces of Manuel Serrate. The Iron Dingoes grounded the local conventional air forces through activating their military contact, and then sent out their entire air reserves to seize control of the airspace above the district. The unit then moved on the Presidio in Ciudad Garcia, facing down the elite and loyal 8th Infantry Battalion and their allies. The experienced BattleMechs, tanks and infantry of the unit proved far superior, and they quickly forced the surrender of the unit and its allied 5th Armored, seizing and turning over their armor assets to the local loyalists. The Governor was captured and turned over to the local government as well. The District of Garcia was secure. The arrival of the 4th Battalion and the Gaucho Ranchers’ Organization as auxiliaries, secured Ciudad Garcia.

The unit retired to Garrison, and began to sift through the reports of chaos across the nation, as local governors and military leaders all tried to seize what they could from each other. The unit took the opportunity to secure the loyalty of Terramatrix Industrial Salvage, and then awaited word of * “The Dead Man’s Hand”. On May 29th, they found out that the Sangrian Naval Command officer, Major Adam Ocelot “Black Panther” had managed to secure a sizable portion of the “loyalist government”, and that the Dead Man’s Hand and their infantry trainees had stormed the capital buildings to rescue them and remove them to the brown water naval base to the south. On June 1st, the Iron Dingoes were publicly lauded for their efforts by the new Government in Exile, and given control over * Landhold : Garrison under the control of the unit’s leader, Lord (Major) Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin”, who held the national noble title of Lord. His stirring acceptance speech brought the support of the entire district behind the Iron Dingoes, and made them local heroes. The unit took full advantage of this loyalty, and began planning for the safety of their forces in the capital, and the retrieval of the government loyalists.

The unit, having heard of the evacuation of the Dead Man’s Hand and the bulk of the former government, decided to take advantage of the chaos and raid both the Indumil facilities as well as the San Succi Auction Yard in San Succi. The unit landed at the starport and set-up a perimeter, while its Line moved on to hit first the manufacturing plants and then the stockpile. Although they met with some resistance at both sites, they were able to remove the threats and settled into the careful salvage work required to recover what assets they could, a fact which took weeks of careful work. The unit came under the close scrutiny of several large bands of refugees, and the realization that other factions were striving to control the capital, but had nowhere near their strength. Word came of General Pierre Garza taking the upper hand among the local warlords and was restoring order in the region, and eventually the Dingoes loaded their ships to the fullest and lifted-off in a sub-orbital drop back to the relative safety of Garrison.

Rumble in the Jungle

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