Tashrakaar Salvaged Supplies


Captured supplies, vehicles and salvage from both the convoy headed to the “Kiss of Death”, and from the cargo holds of the “Cutlass” on System – Tashrakaar.

Four (4) Jeeps
Two (2) Jeeps w/ Infantry Support MGs
Ten (10) Light Utility Transports
Four (4) Warrior H-7 Attack Helicopters (Disassembled Crated Parts)
Five (5) Wheeled APCs

Five (5) tons Military-Grade Armor
Four (4) tons Repair Supplies (200,000 Cs Repair Consumables)
Ten (10) tons SRM Ammo
Forty (40) tons Assorted Military Lasers (Player Choice)
Eight (8) tons Sensor Pods
Three (3) tons BM-118 Assault Rifles
34,000 Cs in gems and jewellery
100,000 Cs in C-Bills
Two (2) tons Educational and Technical Manuals
One (1) ton Microdata (1/3 Salvageable)
Eighteen (18) AC/5s
Two (2) Salvaged Lifepods

Tashrakaar Salvaged Supplies

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