Taurian Concordat


The Taurian Concordat is an interstellar nation in the Hyades Rim of the Periphery; It is considered the largest of the Periphery powers. It is characterized by a mild xenophobia, a paranoia concerning House Davion, peaceful foreign affairs, emphasis on education, and a strong industrial base. Its people are freedom loving, and have in the past been noted for their fanatical defense of the Concordat and its planets.



The Taurian Defense Force (TDF) is a well-organized, well-trained and highly motivated military, especially by Periphery standards. The military-industrial capacity of the Taurian Concordat, combined with the Taurian pride shown in the TDF, ensures that the TDF has traditionally been the largest and best-equipped army in the Periphery.

The arrangement of the TDF is modeled after that of the Napoleonic armies, with a 31st century feel; BattleMechs, infantry, and armor assets are divided into operational Corps, with naval elements, primarily utilized for transportation and defense, attached directly to and under the command of the Corps commanders. The Concord Constabulary, a paramilitary force used for intelligence gathering and internal security, can be mobilized to supplement the TDF during times of war. Finally there are a variety of armed groups, from planetary militias to the private armies of various nobles and corporations, which might lack in uniform quality and equipment but will not waver in coming to the defense of the realm.

All citizens in the Concordat are required to serve a 2-year term with the TDF following their 18th birthday.

The Taurian Defense Force has not maintained a fleet of WarShips since the Reunification War, only possessing a single surviving (barely-functional) WarShip, the Vincent Mk-39 “TCW Vandenberg”, which survived by hiding in the Hyades asteroid field.

A diverse array of industries make up the Taurian economy, from aquaculture to mining to publishing, but the largest is the military-industrial complex, second only to consumer goods and electronics in size and importance. With a variety of weapons manufacturers, some of whom remained operational in secret during the Star League era, the Taurian Concordat can produce everything from BattleMechs and Combat Vehicles to Aerospace Fighters and DropShips for its armed forces. Unfortunately many of these key industrial centers are located outside the protective area of the Hyades Zone, a fact which forces the TDF to deploy its units in a static defensive role to protect them from attack by pirate raiders.

While typically the TDF relies on medium-weight BattleMechs, light and heavy ’Mechs are fairly common. Assault machines are rare and valued far above their nominal worth. The TDF has always preferred the more robust designs when possible, but this old stand-by is largely ignored as the military upgrades with new technology. In battle, the MechWarriors work themselves into positions where support forces grant them the biggest advantage and where they can also look after their weaker cousins. Here their extensive training pays off, often granting them the limited advantage of a combined arms unit.

The average weight class of TDF aerospace fighters has crept up over the centuries, until lightweight fighters are practically non-existent and heavy fighter craft are the norm. JumpShips and DropShips are viewed as viable front-line targets, and are closely protected, as the nation cannot build their own.


Taurian Military Colors


The Taurian Concordat was founded in 2253 by settlers fleeing the Terran Hegemony. They entered the resource-rich and easily defensible Hyades Nebula, which forms the nucleus of the modern day Taurian Concordat. The leader of the settlers was named Samantha Calderon, who became “Protector” (Monarch) of the newly formed Taurian Concordat. It fought border wars with House Davion and House Liao throughout the Age of War.

In 2573 a squadron of Taurian warships mis-jumped into the Content Not Found: system-malagrotto that was being jointly administered by both the Taurian Concordat and the Federated Suns. The Federated Suns destroyed the Squadron, which led to the passing of the Pollux Resolution, which would bring the Periphery states “… despite their reluctance, for the good of all…” into the Star League. What began as a six-month campaign, ended in the nineteen-year-long Reunification War.

The Reunification War was a bloody struggle for supremacy. The “Taurians” fought tooth and nail, using weapons of mass destruction to defend their territory and defeat the stronger and larger SLDF and their Federated Suns expeditionary force. The war finally ended when the Star League finally pierced the Hyades Nebula, and the last remnants of the Taurian Concordat surrendered. The war ended in 2596, with many of the Taurian worlds being occupied and claimed by the Federated Suns.

The Vandenburg Revolt, created by gross imbalances in trade and industrial development of the Star League in the wake of the Reunification War, led to the eventual Amaris Crisis, and the dissolution of the Star League itself.

Taurian Concordat

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