Terramatrix Trade Authority (TTA)

The Terramatrix Trade Authority (TTA) is the only global trade organization on Terramatrix, first proposed by The Industrialist’s League and its agenda to bring its goods to interstellar markets, and facilitate and expand trade within Terramatrix itself. it quickly became something of an interstellar organization facilitating trade between the planets of the local constellation, and centered on Terramatrix and its system’s various nation-states.

The organization is led by an Under-Secretary, who is appointed by the Secretary Marshal of The Commonwealth of Nations with the formal consent of all signatory members of the Commonwealth. Branches under its control include the Assistant-Secretary of Commerce and Interstellar Trade, the Assistant-Secretary of Commerce Enforcement and Compliance, and the Assistant-Secretary of Commerce and Industry Analysis.

The present leader of the TTA is Under-Secretary Chrisjen Avasarala, appointed in late-3048.


While originally a simple trade organization proposed by the Industrialist’s League, the TTA represents a fundamental change in how the planet views itself in the local constellation, and its future as a major player in local interstellar politics. Moving forward, as the influence of the Commonwealth expands, TTA has begun to take on a greater position in trade and the economy of nearby systems, starting with System – Gollere, and indirectly, both System – Pa’an and System – Kaaniir.

At the heart of the TTA, are its trade agreements, under negotiation constantly, and signed by the bulk of the world’s nation-states and ratified within their own governing bodies. The goal of the organization is ultimately to permit the smooth and predictable flow of trade both within the planet’s internal economy, as well as outward into the local constellation and beyond.

The budget of the organization is earned from nominal fees associated and assigned to all trade goods leaving and entering System – Dumassas. In turn, the organization oversees these funds as something of a trust fund, which uses this income to pay its salaries, and pay * Black Ice Command for defense of its trade fleets, and provide marines and personnel for customs duties. The organization also earns miscellaneous income from sale of its print media and trade rules, often available in the form of a Datastick on “The Factory”.

Key industrial corporations targeted and initially agreeing in principle, with the concept, are;

Ares Wartronics
Armadyne Industries
Consolidated Foods Limited (CFL)
Excalibur Corporation
Grupo Argos
Grupo EBX
Grupo Odinsa
Oberlindes Lines
Ospina Coffee Company
Rio Tinto Group
The Industrialist’s League
Travellers’ Aid Society (TAS)
Union Group
Votorantim Group

In addition to the various powerful trade and industrial corporations of the planet, several nation-states have agreed to supporting the organization as a means for getting its national resources and trade goods to market, including their own personal interstellar transports.

The Free-City of Peregrine
The Free-City of Von Doom’s Downport
The Free-City of Von Lord
The Gatun Foundation
The National Legionary Tragnar
The New Republic of Sangria
The Oriental Republic of San Isabel
The Petrópolis Free State
The Republic of Buntar
The Republic of Carbina
The Republic of Delancourt



First proposed by The Industrialist’s League in mid-3034, they convened a gathering of world trade ministers from all nation-states on Terramatrix, as well as major manufacturing and resource companies from across the planet. The meeting was scheduled to convene at * Sierra Madre Casino & Villa towards the end of 3034.

In response to the efforts of the League, Ospina Coffee Company loudly supported the cause, and rose to prominence as its most vocal proponent as a result. Working closely with its rivals in O’ Coffee, the company managed to promote its efforts regarding agricultural improvements into international notice as a supporter of common farmers across Terramatrix, and gained a great deal of support in the meetings held later that year.

The ideas espoused at the meeting were readily accepted by the war-time allies of The New Republic of Sangria and The Oriental Republic of San Isabel, and followed up by The Free-City of Peregrine. Several other important nation-states supported the idea, including a surprising support from The National Legionary Tragnar. Additionally, the * Duchy of Tharn endorsed the concept and promised to find a way to adopt the ideology, supported by Lady Kalique Abrasax, who was also in attendance. The Marcosan Mandate was the only noticeable nation-state to oppose the organization.

Known as the Sierra Madre Conference, it established an acceptance of the ComStar C-Bill as its trade currency, and acknowledged the organization would provide the mechanism by which the planet could conduct interstellar trade in the years to come. It was further agreed that the group meet again in 3035 to continue negotiations and conclude the ratification of the individual national support of the organization within each nation’s own parliaments.

Meeting again in late-3035, the organization was hosted by The Republic of Carbina, and concluded a multilateral agreement for the reduction of trade tariffs on all trade goods, and the organization drafted its first Charter, with input from the gathered national leaders. A Preparatory Committee was established and began working on the framework for the organization, with a goal to present it the following year to the gathered national financial leaders. Work continued on this charter in 3036.

In 3037, the charter was finalized, with the agreement of all nations present who agreed, in principle, to the “Final Act of the Conference on Trade and Employment”, known colloquially as the Sierra Madre Charter, so-named for its origins at Sierra Madre. In addition to the formal agreement of all nation-states present, the Charter established allowances for international cooperation and rules against anti-competitive business practices. It also proposed the formal formation of the TTA as the governing body responsible for overseeing these trade practices, and enforcing off-world compliance.

The TTA’s goals were established to include its present mandate; to provide practical information to help citizens select markets and products, and to ensure that citizens have access to international (and interstellar) markets as required by TTA trade agreements. The TTA was acknowledged as a part of the burgeoning bureaucracy of The Commonwealth of Nations, headed by an Under-Secretary, who was appointed by the existing Secretary-Marshal of the Commonwealth, with formal consent by all signatory members.

A series of meetings began regarding acceptance and alteration of the Sierra Madre Charter. Talks were completed in 3042 despite the global conflicts around the so-called “Manifest Destiny” incident spiralling into the fall of the remnants of The Federative Republic of San Marcos under the control of the various other nation-states of the Commonwealth, following the brief Unification War, also often referred to as the ’Commonwealth War".

In 3048, the full entry of nearly a hundred of the clans of The Trojan Dominion of Cortez into the TTA brought their shuttles into mainstream trade, and flooded the nations of Dumassas under a hail of relatively cheap otherwise rare resources, though these clans tend to use Sarang Helium-3 Processing Plant as their main trade port and avoid direct contact with the other nations of the system, giving Dingo Brand Corporation an increasing control of trade and contact with their culture at “The Factory”.

Terramatrix Trade Authority (TTA)

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