The 5th Sword of Light

Expanded Regiment/Elite/Fanatical : “The Gold Dragon”

The Fifth Sword of Light is a House Kurita BattleMech Regiment, which is noted for using aggressive actions to achieve its objectives. This unit represents the Pillar of Gold, or the government of the Draconis Combine, with a regimental patch of a gold Kurita dragon. The unit is known for its specialization in urban warfare. The command contains three (3) Light, three (3) Medium and six (6) Heavy companies.


Formed at the order of Jinjiro Kurita late in the twenty-eighth century, it was created to act as a fanatically loyal Household Guard unit in order to protect the Coordinator from his political enemies. The unit was also tasked to protect Jinjiro’s younger brother, Zabu Kurita.

In 2765 the 5th Sword of Light was stationed on Awano. They shared this world with the SLDF’s 159th Jump Infantry Division and the Star League’s XIV Corps HQ. Relations between the SLDF and the Fifth were considered cold.

Throughout the 1st Succession War, a company of the ‘Mech force would accompany both Coordinator Jinjiro or Zabu whenever they entered a battlefield. As a House Guards regiment, its forces were broken up with some of its components as lances to protect personal holdings of the Coordinator. This left the 5th Sword scattered across the Combine, protecting these personal assets of the Coordinator’s family. Worlds they would be deployed to were often major planets, including New Samarkand, Pesht with the majority on Luthien protecting the Coordinator himself. In 2787 during the 1st Succession War the 5th Sword of Light participated in Operation Broken Blade’s assault of Hesperus II, but was spared the carnage other front-line units suffered during this destructive era.

Years after the First Succession War ended in 2821, Coordinator Jinjiro succumbed to insanity. In his place, his brother Zabu Kurita took the throne in April 2837. As the Second Succession War raged, Zabu attempted to reform the Combine economy and military. He being naive man, reassigned the 5th Sword to other duties, since he felt he no longer needed such a large force for bodyguards to protect him from his own people.

Zabu then transferred the elite and well equipped regiment to the newly formed Sun Zhang Military Academy on New Samarkand. It was his hope that the regiment would be a means to motivate new cadets entering Combine’s service. For the next eight years, the unit served at the academy as trainers and aides. This changed in 2838, when the Coordinator committed seppuku. Zabu’s son then recalled the 5th Sword to return to duty as his Coordinator’s house guard unit once more.


Unit Paint Scheme

The ’Mech forces used a Crimson & Gold color scheme.

The 5th Sword of Light

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