The Bloody Hand of Marcosa

“There is no peace in Petrópolis.”


Little is known about the organization known as the “Bloody Hand of Marcosa”, other than its origins in the 3029 Petrópolis Riots, and how it views the government of Buntar as the greatest threat to Marcosan culture on the planet, and tends to view those who do not help them, including the Marcosian Mandate, as traitors to their cause. They tend to concentrate their activities on the overt fire-bombing of military and government targets in Petrópolis.

With the fall of Petrópolis to the 7th Cavalry – “The Iron Ponies”, and the Bloody Hands declaration of independence, they are a powerful political power in the region, and many feel it is only a matter of time before they exercise another round of war in the heartlands of the planet’s nations.



What started as a simple student protest, has led to the fire-bombing of a military convoy, and the mob attack of several military check-points in the town of Petrópolis.

Believed to have been sparked by a dispossessed Mech pilot named Karishal Monitor, formerly of the mercenary band “The Defiant”, on February 12th, 3029, began as a peaceful protest against the occupation of the town by the forces of The Republic of Buntar.

The rally quickly spiraled out of control, with the appearance of numerous youths bearing a bloody hand-print on their faces, and the large public protest suddenly exploded in gunfire and firebombs, as these same individuals began shooting military targets and attacking anyone associated with the present government.

While this organization is loosely being called the “Bloody Hands”, their exact objectives and agenda remained unknown for some time. While the protests quickly died down, sporadic raids and attacks against military patrols continued unabated for months.


Petrópolis Resurgent : On January 24th, 3031, the organization backed by the efforts of the 7th Cavalry – “The Iron Ponies” mercenaries, seized control over Petrópolis, and declared themselves the ruling power of The Petrópolis Free State, once more declaring their “homeland” free from the oppressors boot.

For the majority of the following year, they received training from the mercenaries, but began operating against the mercenaries once their strength was assured, supported by an increasingly militant civilian population. By late-3031, the forces of the Bloody Hands Militia rose up against their own mercenaries, backed by some off-world powers with a handful of armor units and a few factory-fresh MSK-9H Mackies, pushed the 7th Cavalry from the nation-state and forced them to retreat to Corazón Airfield. The Bloody Hand quickly acknowledged Prince Monitor as their ruler, and Petrópolis began to operate as a tyrannical state, reminding everyone that it was the former seat of power of the Empire of Dumassas. MIlitary procurement of tanks and munitions began to increase, and full-scale conscription into the Bloody Hand Militia began in earnest.

With the nuclear devastation of the capital in 3032, and the death of Prince Monitor, the Bloody Hand was pushed from the nation-state, and found refuge among the communities of The Marcosan Mandate, slowly growing themselves into a political focus within that nation-state.

In 3037-8, the organization began a series of terror strikes across the planet, many of which believed were in response to the growing desire to form a united trade organization, the Terramatrix Trade Authority (TTA). While the organization has made no formal declaration since, their views remain enshrined through their actions, and the growing militancy of their supporting government in the Mandate, hint at a larger goal of military strikes against the world at large.

In late-3039, amidst rumors of the demise of much of the Iron Dignoes leadership in the War of 3039 along the Draconis Front, the Bloody Hand began another round of nuclear strikes and general mayhem against their close enemies, the 7th Cavalry – “The Iron Ponies”, and the land they have been chosen to call their own. Three days later, a shuttle on a suicide run shattered The Traveller with a nuclear blast at the Zenith Jump-Point, and cemented their enmity against the 7th Cavalry. These acts began a resurgence of attacks against the borders of The Petrópolis Free State, and led to the global War of 3040.

The Bloody Hand of Marcosa

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