The Chaos Principle


The Chaos Principle : Jumping quickly using their Transport Authority Writ, the unit was able to travel to System – Taurus in record time, quick-charging their JumpShips whenever possible. The unit then spent a week at Joshua’s Station, rotating various Line troops through for some R&R, acquiring a large quantity of supplies, and arranging for others to be picked-up in six months. The unit paid for this with some excess Mechs and other scavenged goods taken from the battlefield. The unit then burned back to the jump-point and began the months-long journey to System – Dumassas.

The journey seemed to have few notable events, but in the Ganulph system, things took a turn. They encountered an act of piracy involving an Aegira Technologies JumpShip and its cargo of DropShips trying to reach Tauria with a cargo of super alloys, Jumpdrive parts, and super conductors. The pirates were destroyed or captured, and the Dingoes were able to add a new DropShip (the “Star Talon”) to their rosters, along with a battered JumpShip, The Starlight Seduction. They also gained a horde of new dependents and numerous prisoners-of-war, and encountered the mysterious Starlords for the first time.

Jumping to System – Dumassas along with the surviving Mule-Class DropShips from Aegira Technologies, the unit arrived a few days late, but the matter was over-looked due to their wiping a local pirate band from existence. The unit then burned to the planet Terramatrix, and after consulting with various local government and military leaders, the unit traveled to and took possession of the village of Garrison.

For more than a year the unit engaged local bandit forces and raised a unit a mixed defensive battalion, named the 4th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Garcia’s Own” for The District of Garcia, providing military instruction and training. During the last few months of the contract, things boiled over, when a local Sangrian Loyalist force swarmed into the district intent on wrong-doing. Initial raids hurt the support units of the Iron Dingoes, and it put down an attempt to seize one of its DropShips by some of its own disreputable Mech pilots.

The invasion was intense, and brutal, but successfully halted by The Dingoes, culminating in a violent air war in the skies above the District, and a sharp urban brawl in the ruins of an old Mech factory. Once more, the unit succeeded, and spent the last months of their contract in bucolic peace, making money through trading arms and ammunition to pad their wallet for the next phase of their expansion.

While the contract had been in place, the unit had acquired rumor of an abandoned Snowden-Class Mining Platform, and had sent a survey team to investigate its possibility for acquisition in the System – Cassandra. Their return during the invasion helped tip the air war, and they brought information about “The Factory”. They had also sent their auxiliary forces, “The Iron Vagabond” with the “Betty” on some unit hush-hush mission back to Marik space, and they returned with weeks to go in their contract. They also entered into a small Cadre contract for a company of their infantry to remain on-planet training the local officers corp, coded Contract – Operation : “Show-and-Tell”, leaving them behind for a year, when they would be retrieved.

Beltstrike : With the close of the year and their contract with the Sangrian government established for some extra cash, the unit left System – Dumassas, for a five-system journey across Systems Constellation – “The Hyades March” to System – Cassandra and their hidden prize. Arriving in the belt system was quick, and within weeks, the unit had acquired loans from local system banks to procure parts and a management staff for their new landhold, “The Factory”. As repairs ensued, the unit dispatched their core forces to System-State – “The Unity of Promise” to gain a quick pirate-hunting contract and some needed capital.

Upon arrival in System – Promise, the unit took a contract to hunt one of three Fortress-Class DropShips marauding the borders of the small Periphery realm, choosing to investigate System – Sligo for evidence of their activities. The world had not just been raided by the pirates led by Pirate-Lord Cyr Milligan – Deseased, but its infrastructure eradicated, and the colony was in the process of dying. The Dingoes dropped during a raging snowstorm, and assaulted the pirates, following a spec ops raid to keep their DropShip on-planet. In the fight, they used their massed artillery to ravage the defenders, scatter their infantry, and ground their DropShip further. In the end, the defending pirates proved incredibly tenacious and suicidal, sporting LosTech of an unusual make and accuracy, but they fell to the Dingoes guns.

Looting the damaged DropShip and jury-rigging repairs, the unit installed a green crew aboard the ship and sent it off to get a full repair back at System – Promise, while the unit gathered supplies and awaited the return of their JumpShip, “The Den Mother”. They recruited a pack of techs and a group of mercenaries trapped on the dying world, and sat quietly in orbit as the planet slowly devolved. Eventually taking their JumpShip back through Promise space, they returned to “The Factory”, and planned for the incorporation of this new asset into the Dingoes line.

It was quickly apparent, however, that The Rock held more secrets, and the unit managed to uncover a LosTech cache from the asteroid, that included an ancient Explorer-Class JumpShip. As repairs to the station were nearing completion, they suffered a raid by pirates aboard a Gazelle-Class DropShip, but managed to keep them from doing more than minor damage to the station. As 3020 was nearing its close, the unit was witness to a series of political maneuvers in-system at System – Cassandra, following the death of the government’s war-hero and leader, President Murgon Astrofalk, an industrial group calling itself the Cassandra Industrial Alliance claimed all parts of the belt as “…open and free for exploitation…”. This forced the local system government to take a stand, and supported by the various independent habitats, primarily the Vineyard Habitat and Clear Habitat, demanded withdrawal of Alliance forces. It was clear that Excalibur Corporation was primarily behind the activity, and with war drawing close, the unit, having managed to fake its station’s active status, jumped out-system on a trip back to System – Dumassas, and a reunion of the unit’s fortunes.

The Chaos Principle

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