The Genyosha

Regiment/Green/Reliable : “The Black Ocean”

The Genyosha was originally formed in 3027 by order of Coordinator Takashi Kurita by his cousin and excellent military commander Yorinaga Kurita, to become an elite military formation that answers only to the Coordinator himself. The unit was principally created as a counter to the highly mobile mercenary unit known as the Kell Hounds, whom had disgraced Yorinaga on Mallory’s World.



Nicknamed “The Black Ocean”, Yorinaga Kurita chose fifty elite warriors from across the DCMS to form the core of the Genyosha. These warriors were trained not only in combat skills, but tested to ensure that they understood the value of determination, self-sacrifice, and dedication to duty. These values became core beliefs for these early Genyosha warriors, and they in turn passed them on to the newer members of the unit. The Genyosha was up to battalion strength by the time it was considered operational to conduct missions for the Dragon.

The unit first saw action in late-3027 on an asteroid in the Styx star system. The Genyosha was to back up an elite ISF commando team sent from Dieron to engage in a black ops mission, but discovered that the ISF team had failed when they got there. Worse, Yorinaga’s rivals, the Kell Hounds, were engaged in countering the operation. The two forces clashed with the climax of the battle being the fight between Yorinaga and the Kell Hound leader Lt. Colonel Patrick Kell. Their heated engagement resulted in Kell being shot down. However, Yorinaga’s victory was short lived. Kell Hound Leutenant Dan Allard, crashed his VLK-QA Valkyrie into Yorinaga’s WHM-6R Warhammer and rendered it disabled. This turn of events resulted in the failure of the mission and the escape of the Hounds from Draconis Combine space. After Lord Kurita was shot down, the Genyosha withdrew to their DropShips and left the system in defeat.

Lord Yorinaga now dedicated Genyosha to confronting Colonel Morgan Kell. In the months after the “Silver Eagle Incident”, he added and trained more troops to raise the Genyosha to full regimental strength. Mixing various Combine ethics groups like Rasalhagians, Azami, and other warriors to do so.


Unit Paint Scheme

The unit colors are ash gray with no accents. Their unit insignia, is a black tsunami full of stars, painted on either the upper left torso or the upper left arm. The dragon crest of House Kurita is displayed on the upper right leg of each ’Mech or equivalently on other vehicle types.

The Genyosha

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