The Problem With Petrópolis


The Problem With Petrópolis : The latter part of the 3020s were dominated by the border clashes between the remnants of The Federative Republic of San Marcos and its long-time rival, The Republic of Buntar. The troubles of the border city of Petrópolis led to its capture and then rebellion and development into The Petrópolis Free State, largely with the assistance of off-world mercenaries. By late-3031, local distrust of off-world forces, compounded by past interactions with mercenary BattleMech forces led to unrest between these mercenaries and their erstwhile employers, the Bloody Hand of Marcosa and its civilian government.

Meanwhile, the Iron Dingoes made contact with its allies in System – Gollere and System – Aurore, and began toying with the idea of invading or influencing several nearby systems. A short-term pirate-hunting contract led them to System – Goria, where they encountered the fact that the small population held numerous armor foundries that could become an important military and economic resource for the unit moving forward. Plans were also made to influence two small city-states near Sangria; The Independent Territory of Maroon and The Independent Territory of Davion Solitaire, though the exact means of dominating these potential resource colonies was a matter of great discussion among the unit. Flush with cash from their recent contracts, they also began funding their production lines for full-scale export of vehicles and marketing into the Davion Outback.

In late-3031 (November 6th), the Iron Dingoes allowed the 7th Cavalry – “The Iron Ponies” to post their dependents at Corazón Airfield, while those mercenaries attempted to complete their contract. Around the same time, Arlana Jericho returned to Dumassas with a present for the unit; a copy of the Helm Memory Core, which immediately brought * “The Skunkwerks” into a frenzy of study and revelation regarding their own research projects. The main Line forces left Dumassas in late-November, intent of bringing System – Goria into the fold of their growing empire.

In mid-December, with the main Line unit off-world, Petrópolis exploded into full-scale war forcing the 7th Cavalry to retreat from the nation-state mostly intact, while neighboring Buntar and The Marcosan Mandate looked on, ready to pounce on the nation.

The main Line of the unit, however, managed to take over control of Aurora Landing and its nearby support dome relatively with out bloodshed. Leaving Glamour behind with the “Spearhead” and a reinforced company of star marines for support, the unit returned to Terramatrix in early-3032, to sift through its budget and recruitment efforts from the previous year. Whispering Dove Winery also began operation as the unit’s official “spy school” at this time. Overtures were made to grant the 7th cavalry a temporary “Leash” contract, but it was apparent the unit wanted to distance themselves from the debacle in Petrópolis, and were seeking something closer to the Inner Sphere.

Tiring of the endless question, and wanting to concentrate their energies elsewhere in the local constellation, the Iron DIngoes proposed a radical solution to the Problem With Petrópolis; invade Petrópolis, and turn the entire Free-State of Petrópolis over to The Commonwealth of Nations to use as both a buffer nation, and to build their idea of a new world government from. San Isabel and Sangria agreed, though Peregrine abstained, stating that the Word of the Dingoes would be tested before they would support any efforts they made, moving forward. The Iron Dingoes then set about sorting out an invasion and occupation force in the coming weeks.

After preparing a forward operations base, known as FOB “Jericho”, in which the Iron Dingoes based * Dangerous Operations Group (DOG) as a distraction, they managed to pull away local militia forces and the defending armor resources of the central fortress in Petrópolis, then conducted a high altitude drop on the town. After engaging local militia forces, they destroyed a Stinger apparently trying to escape the fortress, and triggered two small nuclear explosions, which ravaged both defenders and attackers alike, and shattered the surrounding community. The fight was quickly brought to a conclusion, but the damage was extensive to the Dingoes forces.

The Problem With Petrópolis

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