Union of Sovereign States

A collective of smaller nation-states within Terramtrix on System – Dumassas, the Union of Sovereign States was formed in the wake of the historic late-3034 meeting at * Sierra Madre Casino & Villa.


Designated a trade and defensive organization, rather than a true confederacy, it was seen as allowing the smaller, often ignored provincial nation-states of Terramatrix a voting block within future planetary discussions regarding trade and defense. The Gatun Foundation proposed the concept, and was officially recognized by The Commonwealth of Nations as its leading member during their annual meeting four months later, provided the Union can achieve sufficient support from the other minor nation-states of Terramatrix.

Concepts such as general trade, military defense, and financial support are considered key aspects of the Union, and their combined weight allows the Union to hold an independent vote within the Commonwealth of Nations regarding future developments. At present, the Gatun Foundation is its sole member, though other minor nation-states have been invited.

The chances of other minor nation-states joining remain remote, however. Both The Independent Territory of Davion Solitaire and The Independent Territory of Maroon have received the promise of support for both defense and trade from The New Republic of Sangria, while The Independent State of Klein Vrystaat and * The Independent Territory of Borealis are considered client-states of the * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD). The Protectorate of Greenholm is considered a client-state of The Free-City of Von Lord. Other regions within the planet, such as Isla San Pedro are small enough and lack sufficient resources to be ignored by the larger powers of Terramatrix.

Union of Sovereign States

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